Wednesday, 2016-08-31

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johnfhi, I'm trying to get coreboot working and keep getting revision errors from bct when trying to build fsp against absf coreboot file.07:07
johnfspecifically, Message: ImageRevision in BSF does not match the ImageRevision in the FSP header in the binary.07:07
johnflooks like gold3/gold4 releases from intel are 303 and 30407:09
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johnfHi, I'm booting minnowboard with coreboot+seabios and it keeps getting stuck at Booting from hard disk... even when trying to boot from usb by specifying the boot order14:51
johnfany hints? sorry for the dup bost with seabios channel. Figured I might find someone here running this setup.14:51
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jberkusany idea when the 4-core minnowboards will be real?17:20
tbrbest ask ADI, I guess17:21
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jberkusdamn,. they make a dual-ethernet Turbot?  Where can I buy one?17:51
tbr17:21:53< tbr> best ask ADI, I guess18:09
jberkusI can't find any retalier information on their site, and Netgate doesn't carry them18:10
jberkusneither does mouser :-(18:12
tbrwell, contact them?18:18
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warthog9jberkus: last I heard, dual core is q3-ish, quad core is December I think21:03
warthog9I might have that backwards though21:03
jberkuswarthog9: huh?  aren't the Turbots already dual -core?21:03
warthog9(sorry I seem to have come down with the plague and I'm a smidge fuzzy brained today)21:04
warthog9so the dual ethernet is expected q3ish, quad core is december21:04
warthog9but I might have those backwards21:05
jberkusah, ok21:05
jberkusthanks, I'll just go ahead and order more turbots, then21:05
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