Wednesday, 2016-09-07

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sjoerdHrm, one of my minnoboard max' in my test farm just seems to ahve died11:03
sjoerdIt stops after "MemoryInit Done" rather then going into network booting11:03
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ecdhesjoerd, I don't have an answer regarding "MemoryInit Done" but I'm interested in the network booting setup.  Was that standard PXE?14:40
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ecdhesjoerd, are you seeing any PXE related packets on the network?14:45
sjoerdas i said, it doesn't go beyond that stage14:45
sjoerdThere is at least another step in efi it needs to output first before going that way14:46
ecdheand no dhcp either?14:46
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warthog9sjoerd: is it possible you never upgraded the firmware from back in the firmware corruption days?18:22
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Banny_Does anyone know if Minnoboard can support Kinect II?21:22
Banny_The specs seem to fit (refering to MinnowBoard Turbot Dual Core Board, and Kinect II for Windows)21:23
Banny_But just wanted to make sure before I purchase21:23
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sjoerdwarthog9: quite possible, i just threw these in my test farm way back when :)..22:04
warthog9Banny_: haven't tried the 2, but I've played with the 1 on it without issue22:08
sjoerdfound the wiki page describing the issue a bit earlier on, can't remember seeing that listen when i got these so very likely. The page does show one more step of EFI output, but i guess if it's the firmware corrupting itself that's rather non-deterministic anyway22:10
warthog9sjoerd: I'd try reflashing the firmware from the external interface is you can22:10
warthog9(dediprog or something like the spi-hook)22:10
Banny_I reckon 1 should be fine, but 2 has some pretty high demands22:10
sjoerdwarthog9: yeah i've put it on my todo list22:11
warthog9looking it up22:11
Banny_The only board I could find that satisfies them is the Jetson TK122:11
sjoerdand upgrading my other board with newer firmware :p22:11
warthog9sjoerd: always a good idea22:11
warthog90.93 is out22:11
warthog9and it hasn't blown up anything that I've put it on yet22:11
warthog9Banny_: is there a specific page with the requirements listed?22:12
warthog9(tried looking it up from amazon and this is getting me nowhere fast)22:12
sjoerdYeah need to look at getting a dediprog or just using one of my many arm boards to prod things i guess22:12
Banny_But the Jetson TK1 doesn't seem to fulfil all the requirements either:22:12
sjoerdAnyway, thanks for verifying the likely cause. :)22:12
Banny_Thanks warthog922:12
warthog9Banny_: wow, yeah those are substantially higher22:13
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warthog9we are half the ram, roughly 50% of the speed it's looking for22:13
warthog9rest we can cover22:13
Banny_So is the TK1 however..22:13
Banny_Can more RAM be added?22:13
warthog9the SoC can handle more ram, but the board for the MAX / Turbot caps out at 2G without a major re-work22:14
warthog9let me double check something quick though22:14
Banny_Thanks a lot22:15
warthog9Banny_: I'll tentatively say "maybe"22:15
warthog9so the board SoC supports 2 channels of memory, with a max of 8G22:15
warthog9meaning 4G per channel22:15
warthog9the Turbot only has 1 of the memory channels pulled out22:15
Banny_So theoretically it could be possible to utilize the other channel then22:16
warthog9so it's doable to get to 4G of memory, but the question is - do we have everything pulled out to accomidate a 4G part (I.E. is there an address line or something we might be missing) and that I don't know without doing a pile of digging again22:16
Banny_I see I see.. Thank you very much!22:17
Banny_Lets see if Kinect II can function with 2GB mem, worst case I'll come back here and ask for guidance22:17
warthog9Banny_: there's always the tried and true "try it" and see what happens, but at $100 it's a potentially expensive test22:17
Banny_It's for a lab project in uni22:17
warthog9Banny_: yeah, I'd give it a shot then and if it doesn't work, come back and give us a holler22:18
Banny_I need to find a board that supports Kinect II.. So far this is the best candidate I could find (the reuirements state it should be mobile)22:18
Banny_alright.. Thanks!!22:18
warthog9there might be one other board, let me double check something...22:19
Banny_Does the Minnowboard Turbot fit the processors specs btw? Kinect II requires I7 @ 3.1 GHz22:20
warthog9no, we run about half that speed on an Atom vs. an I722:20
warthog9i7 is a pretty beefy cpu22:21
warthog9most things "mobile" (outside a laptop) aren't nearly that big22:21
Banny_Thats what I thought22:21
warthog9'cause it's basically atom -> i3 -> i5 -> i722:22
Banny_TK1 CPU is: NVIDIA "4-Plus-1" 2.32GHz ARM quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU with Cortex-A15 battery-saving shadow-core22:22
Banny_And it can handle the Kinect22:22
warthog9Banny_: are you trying to use windows or Linux?22:22
Banny_the driver for Linux is OpenSource and not nearly as good22:22
warthog9 seems to think the requirements aren't quite as bad22:24
warthog9dunno, toss up :-/22:24
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warthog9Banny_: I don't have a great answer on that.  The official specs we are under powered, but it's not clear if that means we are out of the game entirely or not22:27
Banny_Yeah, thats the linux driver I've found.. But they don't state clear CPU / GPU / mem requirements. Seems like Microsoft lists more then they actually demand, probably so consumers maximize the Kinect II abilities and get the best experience.. The TK1 clearly doesn't fit the specs22:28
warthog9the Linux driver, as is also evident, shows it runs on a TK1, which are probably close to performance wise (it's hard to really compare as it's kinda apples and oranges)22:28
Banny_Thanks warhog9, you've been a great help!22:28
warthog9no problem, though now I'm curious - wonder if I've got any budget left this quarter so I can snag one and find out ;-)22:29
Banny_If it works, I promise to come back here and inform you :)22:30
Banny_Are you in academy?22:30
warthog9Banny_: nope, I'm an open source / hardware guy where Minnow is kinda my day job ;-)22:31
warthog9Banny_: other thought, if you are on windows anyway, something like a realsense camera might be an alternative to the newer kinect, and the requirements aren't quite as high22:33
warthog9(full disclosure, my paychecks say Intel on them)22:33
Banny_Hahaha I respect that :)22:34
Banny_My supervisor has a soft spot for the Kinect, but I'll make sure to check it out as well.. Thanks buddy22:35
warthog9no prob, I'm around if you need me :-)22:35
smurrayBanny_: if your project has a significant budget, there are other x86 based boards out there, they get regularly mentioned on  But, they are $$$.22:44
Banny_Thanks smurray!22:46
smurrayBanny_: np22:46
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