Monday, 2016-09-12

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sjoerdHow annoying, recently had 2 minnows (with probably old firmware) dying in the sense that nothing happens after "MemoryInit Done".. Managed to reflash the SPI flash using one of my many arm devboards. One is entirely happy now, the other is in the same state (even though it has the latest uefi firmware)12:06
sjoerdany cunning ideas ?12:06
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* sjoerd guess flashing debug version of efi would be next12:49
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warthog9sjoerd: best guess on the one that's not happy, try erasing the entire flash and reapplying?17:18
sjoerddid that17:19
sjoerdran flashrom -E, testbooted, nothing on serial as expected, rewrote it, same thing17:19
warthog9MAX right?17:19
warthog9and 0.93 firmware?17:19
sjoerdso yes17:20
warthog9trying to think17:20
warthog9same spot it chokes?17:20
warthog9memory init... but nothing after that?17:21
warthog9usually re-flashing clears that :-/17:21
sjoerdIt prints >>>>MemoryInit Done but never gets to >>>>BdsEntry17:21
warthog9nothing shows up on hdmi I assume?17:22
sjoerdDunno, not plugged into a monitor17:22
sjoerdI can check in a bit17:22
warthog9long shot17:22
warthog9but figured I'd ask17:22
sjoerdfwiw currently only things plugged in are the serial console and power17:23
warthog9good to know, at least it's not something else17:23
warthog9D2 stays on?17:23
sjoerdthe two blue leds, one on each side of the flahs header both stay on17:24
* sjoerd assumes one of those is D217:24
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sjoerdwarthog9:   right nothing on hdmi17:37
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warthog9sjoerd: sorry, got pulled away from IRC - yeah thats.... weird...  I assume you've tried flashing it a couple of times, and obviously to the same effect20:53
sjoerdonly 2 times, maybe 320:54
sjoerdflash, full erase, flash20:54
warthog9more than once is enough ;-)20:54
* sjoerd can't remember if he tried a third time20:54
sjoerdDoing some other things now, i guess my next step will be to flash the debug version and see if it spews out anything useful20:55
warthog9actually that's a good idea20:57
warthog9that would overwrite everything pretty solidly too20:58
sjoerdWondering if there is some old data left confusing things?21:02
* sjoerd has no clue about the flash layout on these21:02
warthog9shouldn't be21:02
warthog9suppose it's possible21:02
warthog9I haven't gotten a board quite into the state you are describing21:02
sjoerdwell this behaviour should also not happen right ;)21:03
warthog9I've never seen it, so that's a good place to start for "that should never happen" ;-)21:03
sjoerdI'll let you know what happens with the debug version, though will probably be in a few days21:03
warthog9no rush21:03
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