Wednesday, 2016-09-14

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sjoerdhow annoying, on of our other minnowboards in our testrack is now loosing its boot configuration  after a bunch of testjobs (it's meant to pxe boot the bootloader over ipv4, seems to loose that after the power is hard pulled a bunch of times)10:56
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warthog9sjoerd: could always put a usb stick in with a startup.nsh as a failsafe?17:33
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sjoerdwarthog9: that might work indeed19:04
* sjoerd note sure what's up these weeks19:04
sjoerdwe've had minnowboards max' in our test farm for a few years without issues and now they're all throwing their toys out of the pram it seems19:04
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tbrsjoerd: would be interesting to look for a root cause. I guess they were running constantly?19:11
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sjoerdtbr: they're hard reset quitea few times each day19:24
ecdhesjoerd, what's the thermal environment?  Are they heat sinked?  Is the room cool?19:24
sjoerddifferent rooms, different locations19:25
sjoerdstandard heat sinks19:25
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tbrsjoerd: did you try reflashing firmware and clearing the writeable area?19:29
warthog9sjoerd: probably also worth confirming what firmware version you are on19:44
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sjoerdthe one dropping it's settings every so often should be the latest release21:21
sjoerdtbr: how does one clear the writable area?21:21
tbrsjoerd: mh, not sure, probably flashing a firmware update will do that?21:22
sjoerdMNW2MAX1.X64.0093.R01.1608031710 for the firmware version21:24
sjoerdhas been updated earlier this week using the normal flahs method via uefi21:24
sjoerdWe update 2 like that, one seems entirely happy the other one is amnesic :))21:24
tbrno idea, but then I'm just high level guessing here21:33
warthog9updates via the uefi shell don't wipe out existing "nvram" like data21:35
warthog9dediprog / spihook tend to wipe21:35
sjoerdOr arm board of your choising in my case :p21:37
warthog9sjoerd: if the shoe fits :-)21:37
sjoerdwarthog9: Any way of doing a wipe (e.g. resetting to defaults) without having to cold flash it ?21:37
sjoerdwarthog9: It's the shoe i had lying around21:37
warthog9sjoerd: there's a way on the newer Turbots21:38
sjoerdbut the board that's problematic is in another office in another country21:38
warthog9let me see if there's a way on a MAX21:38
sjoerdright, we only have max boards21:38
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warthog9sjoerd: I *THINK* Boot Maintenance Manager -> Reset System might do it21:40
warthog9but I'd have to go read uefi code to confirm, as it's not documented21:40
sjoerdthat just seems to reset/reboot but keep the current stettings at least21:48
warthog9should get them to rename that "reboot"21:48
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