Monday, 2016-09-19

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sjoerdwarthog9: fwiw, it sems that all our test boards are loosing their uefi boot order settings after a while with the latest uefi firmware :/11:40
sjoerd(no didn't have time to put the debug firmware on yet)11:40
ykhanwarthog9: Hello. I'm interested in joining low speed lure development project. :)12:09
ykhanwarthog9: It's been a while I did some hardware development. It'd be great to brush up some old skills. :)12:10
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warthog9sjoerd: there's an easy "fix" for that if you want to fail-safe script something into startup.nsh18:08
warthog9ykhan: excellent!  I assume you need some pointers on where to get started?18:09
sjoerdwarthog9: i did that for now18:14
sjoerdwarthog9: have a startup.nsh that moves the boot options around and resets the system to make it behave again18:15
* warthog9 nods18:15
warthog9I assume the hardware doesn't change between boots?18:15
sjoerdlonger term, we want to reflash the full media with our test setup which would make that less great18:15
sjoerdbut for now it's ok18:15
warthog9I.E. it's not Uefi getting confused by new or removed storage?18:15
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sjoerdnope nothing is new/removed18:15
warthog9yeah, that shouldn't happen18:16
warthog9unless for some strange reason, on the MAX, somehow the gpio for resetting the nvram gets triggered18:16
warthog9but that should be a floating gpio18:17
sjoerdthis only started happening with the new firmware (well after the old firmware stopped booting on most boards)18:18
warthog9sjoerd: I'll dig out a max and run some tests18:19
warthog9they reboot frequently during the day, right?18:19
warthog9I.E. if I just set it up in a reboot loop I should (hypothetically) be able to duplicate?18:19
sjoerdfrequent reboots and frequent power off/on18:19
warthog9ok so reboot loop should (probably) trigger it18:22
warthog9sjoerd: if I can reproduce I'll poke the firmware guys about it18:24
warthog9at least there's startup.nsh, so there's something to thank Microsoft for getting added to the UEFI spec18:25
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sjoerdwarthog9: thanks!18:46
sjoerdwarthog9: I do wonder if flash state has something to do with it though, given the worst board hit this issue after say 10s of cycles, while the others were probably 100s18:46
sjoerdlets see what you find18:46
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warthog9sjoerd: are you using sdcards?19:48
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