Tuesday, 2016-09-20

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ykhanwarthog9: Yes. I am looking for pointers on where to get started on low speed lure development project.09:28
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atanaHi, I am an outreachy aspirant. I am sound python skills. I have gone through the ideas page and found the idea 'iPython Notebook Example extension' interesting. I would like to work on this project as part of OPW program.13:20
atanawarthog9, Hi13:20
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ecdhewarthog9, outreachy seems to be good publicity!15:43
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warthog9ecdhe: :-)16:43
warthog9it's a good project16:43
warthog9I just have to sleep at some point which makes catching up with some folks harder16:44
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ka6soxwarthog9, atana is one who is asking questions about outreachy16:57
warthog9ka6sox: awesome :-)16:58
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warthog9atana: I assume you are looking for next steps, how you can get some code going, etc?16:58
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ecdhewarthog9, do you know when you were last featured on hackaday?17:17
warthog9me or minnow in general?17:24
warthog9me: probably never17:24
warthog9minnow I'd have to look17:24
tgtanyaHey, I wanted to get started in contributing to MinnowBoard as a python developer and further apply for an internship with Outreachy program17:26
tgtanyaCould someone here help me get started?17:26
warthog9tgtanya: yup17:27
warthog9tgtanya: that would be me :-)17:27
tgtanyawarthog9: i went through the iPython Notebook Project and am interested in applying for it17:29
tgtanyaWhat initial commits are expected or where do I find the open bugs?17:29
atanawarthog9: yes, I am looking for the next steps to get started.17:47
warthog9atana: excellent, so you and tgtanya are kinda in the same boat: I'd suggest getting an iPython / Jupyter notebook setup and running, I'd suggest working on an example style project to read some sensor from your local machine, temperature being an easy one to get at17:49
warthog9but there's a pile of sensors local to your machine that you can use as a starting point17:49
atanaOk sounds great17:54
atanawarthog9: I am not familiar with minnowboard. Should I start looking at some of its basics?17:55
warthog9atana: if your familiar, and/or have access to one all the better17:57
warthog9just trying to give folks who don't have access to one a place to start with Jupyter mainly :-)17:57
atanawarthog9: I don't have access to minnowboard. Will start with Jupyter.18:02
atanawarthog9: Is there any kind of simulator for minnowboard in Jupyter?18:02
warthog9atana: well the Minnow is just an x86 based computer, so just running Jupyter on your local machine is a pretty close equivalent, but there's not really a simulator for devices that might be attached to the LSE18:03
warthog9doing up some fake devices to test against without a minnow could be very interesting18:03
warthog9but that's likely outside the scope of what python18:04
warthog9could do easily (might be wrong though)18:04
atanaI see.18:04
atanaI will start looking at the Jupyter notebook examples.18:05
tgtanyawarthog9: Have been stuck since two days, thanks. Would go ahead and work with Jupyter :)18:10
warthog9tgtanya: just stuck waiting on me, or just stuck getting it to work?18:18
warthog9if it's me, I apologize18:18
warthog9if it's Jupyter - lets try working through the problem :-)18:18
tgtanyawarthog9, do not have the MinnowBoard Device, so was stuck on how to go ahead with working around it18:19
tgtanyaThanks for the orientation though!18:19
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ykhanwarthog9: Hello there. :)18:33
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ykhanwarthog9: I'm looking to get started on lure development project? Can you please help? :)18:37
ykhanwarthog9: It's difficult catching up with you I guess due to time zone difference probably. Perhaps we should communicate on email?18:39
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ykhanwarthog9: I am about to leave. So will check your response tomorrow. Thanks. Bye18:40
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clsullivykhan: missed him due to lunch!20:10
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warthog9curse the lunch!20:30
warthog9ykhan: best place to start is to get the tools going, and do something simple and small.  e-mail is good, or irc and leaving windows open works too (but might not be quite as efficient)20:31
warthog9ykhan: but yeah, I'd suggest just snagging a copy of something like kicad and opening it up and doing up something simple, even just going through a small board that has a power source, a resistor and and led is a good place to start just to make sure you've got the tooling going20:32
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georgemAnyone here happen to know if the E3845 supports TXE firmware verified boot? The Intel site says the E3845 "No" for Trust Execution Technology but it's not clear if that's for certain features or everything.21:00
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warthog9georgem: second, let me double check on the verified boot21:39
georgemwarthog9: awesome, thanks21:40
* warthog9 has to page back in all the secure boot stuff into his head21:40
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warthog9georgem: pretty sure the Intel site is right.  The SoC supports secure boot, but not trusted boot (because those aren't slightly confusing references)21:43
warthog9if you want to double check, drop something on the mailing list and I'll make sure one of the firmware guys responds21:43
georgemwarthog9: There is a doc "Bay Trail-M/D Platform - IntelĀ® TXE Firmware External Architecture Specification" but it's not clear which SKU's it applies to.21:46
georgemI'll probably drop something on the mailing list21:46
warthog9should be the bay trail-m and baytrail-d skus21:47
warthog9which give me a second and I'll find the model numbers21:47
warthog9georgem: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvermont#Desktop_processors_.28Bay_Trail-D.2921:47
georgemwarthog9: ah ok. great thanks.21:48
warthog9no problem, I can't ever keep those skus straight either :-)21:49
warthog9I know that I = industrial21:49
warthog9D = desktop21:49
warthog9M = mobile21:49
georgemah. makes sense21:49
warthog9but what that translates to model numbers is magic21:49
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