Friday, 2016-09-23

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Rjmendez_Hello, I'm waiting on a minnowboard turbot in the mail and had some questions on the heatsink. How is it attached and are there any recommendations for forced air cooling in an enclosed space.14:24
Rjmendez_Think mounted inside of the trunk of a car, I want to make sure nothing rattles it off the board.14:25
tbrI think it was some sort of thermal glue on the Max. No idea what the Turbot uses.14:28
ka6soxthe new netgate case for the Max/Turbot has good ventilation14:31
ka6soxdoes not have a fan however14:31
ka6soxthe new e3845 QC Turbot does have a fan on top of the CPU14:31
ka6soxthe HS on Dual Core Turbots is glued on wiht thermal glue and mine hasn't rattled off.14:32
bcranoh, the e3845 isn't the dual ethernet version?14:40
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Rjmendez_ka6sox: I'm probably going to print my own case, I need something that can hold a silverjaw lure and I dont think the ones from netgate will do that for me.15:20
Rjmendez_Its all riding on the benchmarks with gnuradio at this point though so I will have time to work that out. It would be useful to know what the adhesive is and if I can remove it without damaging the silicon.15:22
Rjmendez_Something thats soluble in acetone or isopropyl for example.15:23
bcranRjmendez_: the Netgate cases have a hole in the bottom where the high-speed lures can be attached15:33
ka6soxRjmendez_, the Tacklebox does hold a Silverjaw and has forced fan cooling too.15:33
bcranso they're not enclosed, but they do fit underneath15:33
ka6soxRjmendez_, you could just print the bit that covers the Silverjaw and use the netgate.15:33
Rjmendez_ka6sox: Thats my plan so far.15:34
Rjmendez_The tacklebox is a bit high on my price scale.15:34
Rjmendez_Right now I need to replace the guts of a broken craigslist lenovo e440 with something more solid, the laptop is extremely overpowered for my uses.15:37
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bcranka6sox: what's the Tacklebox - got a link? Google is unsurprisingly being unhelpful, giving me lots of fishing links :)15:40
Rjmendez_$99.99 + $35ish to ship to me, not really worth the pretty case to me.15:41
ka6soxRjmendez_, understood15:59
ecdheAre there any rack-mount cases for minnows?16:02
ka6soxnot that I've ever seen16:04
ecdheSeems like you could fit 4 of them across a 1U front panel.16:05
ecdheThat's $1000 for 16 cores @ 40W16:06
bcranRjmendez_: nice!17:15
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