Monday, 2016-10-03

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lostincakeI have a minnowboard turbot I'm using21:17
lostincakeI'd like to reset the board with a pin if possible21:17
lostincakeI see 2 candidates on the HSE connector (PMC_RSMRST and PMC_RSTBTN)21:18
lostincakewould either of those work?21:18
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clsullivlostincake: J5 is a power button21:40
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lostincakeI need to use something on the HSE21:48
clsullivah. Not sure then. sorry.21:49
lostincakekk, I'm gonna see if I can short this RSTBTN signal21:52
lostincakelooks like that signal does the job22:01
lostincakethe other one not so much22:01
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