Monday, 2016-10-10

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tripzero5V 5A power supply to mmax + silverjaw... doesn't turn on consistently.  Still power issue?21:02
tripzeroNote: Powering with said powers supply in parallel with 10F super capacitors still doesn't help.21:03
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tbr10F, are those big cans or are you just happy to see me?22:04
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tbrok, as super-caps those are much smaller22:06
tbrapparently that's how 5V 1F low ESR looks like:
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tbrif those caps are empty, then this won't help a bit, as they will be soaking up inrush current instead of stabilizing the voltage towards the board. Possibly slamming into the current limit. Hence achieving the exact opposite.22:38
tbriow: explain your setup in more detail. how does it get turned on? where are the caps? etc22:41
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