Wednesday, 2016-10-12

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ouafnicohi all14:08
ouafnicogot some questions about minnowboard turbot ;)14:08
ouafnicoif someone can help me about14:08
ouafnicodoes anyone have: power consumption? sata performance ?14:09
ouafnicoanyone have some feedback14:15
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Rjmendez_ouafnico: I can probably get some info on what I see for power use but it all depends on load.14:20
ouafnicoI've send a mail to the mailist too14:21
ouafnicoI will not use it on full load, but more to see the basic power use14:21
ouafnicoin idle time14:21
Rjmendez_1.5A at boot and 0.56 to 0.6 under my usual load.14:21
ouafnicothat's correct :)14:22
ouafnicoI think it should be a good info to the wiki page ^^14:22
Rjmendez_Its doing something right now so I cant really kill all the processes14:22
Rjmendez_It all depends on how you use it14:22
ouafnicoTo replace my mail/web server14:22
Rjmendez_This is without any usb load as well.14:22
ouafnicowith a low load14:22
ouafnicoI saw the atom is a 7W TDP14:23
ouafnicoso I was pretty sure the power use is low but I couldn't find any value :s14:23
ouafnicodo you know the sata rates?14:23
Rjmendez_No idea right now on that.14:23
ouafnicoI don't know if it's a real sata chip or a USB-to-sata one14:23
ouafnicoyou're running linux?14:23
Rjmendez_Ubuntu 16.04.114:24
Rjmendez_ current use for it right now.14:24
ouafnicoyou can test rate with hdparm -tT /dev/sdX if sata is connected..14:24
Rjmendez_Its also doing some other things with software defined radio for IoT discovery.14:24
Rjmendez_I dont have anything connected to the sata port. :(14:25
ouafnicooh :p14:25
Rjmendez_Waiting on some money and upgrades for an enclosure.14:25
ouafnicotoo bad :p14:25
Rjmendez_Thats just the normal cycle.14:26
Rjmendez_I have a 500g crucial m4 ssd set aside for it.14:26
Rjmendez_My PLA 3d printed enclosure has warped from the heat and pressure of the backpack its inside of.14:27
ouafnicothat's good too :D14:27
ouafnicofor my part a SSD is to expensive, I more need a 2TB sata 2,5" for storage :s14:27
ouafnicobut if you got good rates on m4 I'm pretty sure it's good on sata board14:28
Rjmendez_I need low power and kinetic resilience. :)14:28
ouafniconeed low power too :p14:29
Rjmendez_Could go with a silverjaw lure and an m.2 but I got the m4 for about 5 dollars14:29
ouafnico5$ ?14:29
Rjmendez_It was in a laptop that our corporate IT was going to trash.14:30
Rjmendez_They said it was bad14:30
Rjmendez_they didnt know how to deal with linux partitions though.14:30
ouafnicois your ubuntu working well?14:31
ouafnicowith mainline kernel?14:31
Rjmendez_Very well, I probably need to recompile to get some usb devices working but I havent had the time at home with it.14:31
Rjmendez_Mostly with the usb3 kernel issues14:31
ouafnicooh I didn't know there was usb3 issues14:32
Rjmendez_I dont need xhci at the moment and disabling xhci in the bios just disables the usb ports.14:32
Rjmendez_It has a limit on the number of devices that can be connected14:32
ouafnicoactually I don't need usb ports too for the moment :/14:32
Rjmendez_I have over 16 of them lol14:32
Rjmendez_Radio dongles and such14:33
ouafnicoI was thinking to use an ARM board but not always sata, or bad one14:33
Rjmendez_Afk meeting.14:33
Rjmendez_I went from two rpis to one minnow turbot, lower power use now.14:33
ouafnicosame. need to go too. Probably be back tonight or tomorow.14:34
ouafnicothanks for your help ;)14:34
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jberkuswarthog9: hey, you see my messages from yesterday?17:05
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ouafnicohi bac17:05
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ouafnicoHi all19:33
ouafnicodoes anyone can give me some feedback about cpu performance of the turbot board?19:33
ouafnicocompared to arm one19:33
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