Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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lostincakefor those who might care, I used Xrandr to play with the positioning of the image over HDMI03:22
lostincakespecifically xrandr --transform03:22
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warthog9lostincake: yeah, most likely the small screen is chunking out bad edid16:51
warthog9and assuming boards will drive it at 720p or something like that16:52
warthog9good to hear you got it fixed though :-)16:52
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dvhartKernel documentation question. For structs defined in a C file, should they adhere to kernel-doc syntax?21:23
dvhartheh, wrong channel :-)21:24
dvhartsilly xchat21:24
warthog9dvhart: that's a resounding MAYBE21:59
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dvhartwarthog9, yeah. Nothing in the coding style nor the kernel documentation documentation22:51
dvhart(how yes, if/when - no - which means I can't enforce it as a maintainer IMO)22:51
warthog9dvhart: yeah :-/23:01
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dvhartmeh, you know what, if your format is 95% kernel-doc, just do kernel-doc23:18
warthog9seems like a simple rule23:21

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