Sunday, 2016-10-23

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sjoerdwarthog9: Remember me mentioning issues with the firmware getting stuck after cold flahshing on some boards? Finally got it again with the debug firmware: ASSERT m:\Vlv2TbltDevicePkg\PlatformInitPei\PlatformEarlyInit.c(213): !EFI_ERROR (Status) -> hangs after that13:40
sjoerd for a full log13:40
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warthog9sjoerd: I do, I had a board in a reboot cycle for 2 weeks ;-)18:53
warthog9sjoerd: can you throw that at the mailing list18:53
warthog9so I can loop the firmware guys in on it18:53
sjoerdwarthog9: will do, thanks :)18:54
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warthog9centos and rhel still don't have an updated kernel out the door19:01
sjoerdwarthog9: right?19:29
zentrumany news regarding the Turbot Dual-E?19:35
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