Wednesday, 2016-11-02

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BitweasilI don't know why I had to look this up.  For anything technology related, there's a #{technology} chat room on freenode.19:56
warthog9Bitweasil: we do (generally) try to make things obvious :-)20:32
Bitweasil:) Yup.  Just got a Turbot in to play with for some EFI work.20:37
warthog9did you snag a spi hook or a dediprog just in case?20:38
warthog9(or have some other means of flashing the firmware)?20:38
BitweasilActually, no, but I'm open to recommendations for a cheap one in the event that I do screw things up.20:39
warthog9spi hook will be your cheapest option20:40
BitweasilI'm aware that I'm likely to need such a device eventually.20:40
warthog9it's slow, but it'll work20:40
BitweasilThe $30 one from Tin C... er, yeah. that.20:40
warthog9it's a solid little board20:40
BitweasilThat being out of stock, any other recommendations? :)20:41
warthog9ohhh looky that20:41
warthog9might be in stock here:
BitweasilPerfect, looks like it is.  Thanks!20:42
warthog9Bitweasil: if Netgate gets back to you that they don't have any, let me know20:44
warthog9and remember, if you are on a Turbot to flip the hook to the 3.3v vs. the default 1.8v ;-)20:44
warthog9(if you are on a MAX, the 1.8v is correct)20:45
warthog9pity jimt1 isn't in here or I'd double check with him20:45
BitweasilAh, ok.  Thanks.20:58
BitweasilIt claims that the order was successful. :)21:00
warthog9have to see when you get a shipping notification ;-)21:01
warthog9that's a good sign though21:01
BitweasilTrue.  My serial cables and the like should be here tomorrow.  I didn't feel like soldering to it to get serial a few days earlier.21:02
BitweasilAnd IIRC it has 3 serial UARTs on it, which will be nice.21:02
BitweasilSince I can portbang on a secondary one and not upset the firmware using the primary one.21:03
Bitweasil(or use one of those for status and one for verbose logging or something)21:03
warthog9yeah, by default almost everything spews out the main uart21:03
warthog9on j421:03
warthog9there are two hsuarts in the LSE21:04
warthog9I don't remember if there's a useful driver in the uefi firmware for those are not21:04
warthog9errr 'or not'21:04
BitweasilDo I have outb access?  I'm good. ;)21:04
BitweasilI usually write my own ~libc for serial out when messing around - bypassing the EFI utilities is convenient.21:05
BitweasilSince they're not always available.21:05
warthog9worst case scenario just bit bang it on a gpio ;-)21:05
warthog99600 baud should work ;-)21:05
BitweasilYeah... I know that works, I'd rather not.21:06
warthog9yeah, don't blame you21:06
Bitweasil115200 is about as slow as I like to run and if I can do faster, I will.21:06
warthog9it's a mess and just not "good"21:06
BitweasilNot sure how hard you can run those UARTs, but I'll find out.21:06
warthog9yeah, the HSUARTs (if you can use them) should work up to 12mbps I think21:06
BitweasilHSUART?  Which ones are those?21:07
BitweasilOn, nm.  Ok.21:08
warthog9I've got pins 6,8,10,1221:08
warthog9and pins 17,1921:09
warthog9so you've got a normal uart on J421:09
warthog9and then those two HSUARTs in the LSE21:09
BitweasilGot it.  I'll see how fast my FDTI gizmos can run. :)21:10
warthog9hmmmm now you've got me curious21:10
warthog9Bitweasil: the ft2232h: "RS232/RS422/RS485 UART Transfer Data Rate21:12
warthog9up to 12Mbaud. (RS232 Data Rate limited by21:12
warthog9external level shifter)."21:12
BitweasilNice!  That's still a simple signal, not differential?21:13
BitweasilBeats waiting around for 115200 to push a ton of data.21:15
warthog9pretty sure the hsuarts run right up to the real limit of non-differntial21:15
warthog9not that 115200 is anything to really sneeze at21:15
BitweasilIt is if you want a RAM dump or something...21:15
warthog9reminds me, I've got some ftdi <-> bluetooth adapters that just came in I want to test21:16
warthog9VERY true21:16
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BitweasilLet me know how those work.  I'm interested in them for dealing with some communication to sealed enclosures.21:20
BitweasilInfrequent but "I'd like you to give me your data now" type stuff.21:20
warthog9I want them for the robots21:20
warthog9as the boards tend to get buried in the guts, and I'm tired of trying to fish in a cable21:20
warthog9if they aren't horrible I'll post something about them21:21
warthog9if they are, well, I'll post that too ;-)21:21
BitweasilThat's the spirit! :D21:21
warthog9better to know21:23
BitweasilHm.  Do you know if I can just bang on ports for high speed UARTs?  Still digging around for data on them.21:23
warthog9Bitweasil: not quite as easy21:31
warthog9second let me find the linux documentation, which might be helpful21:31
warthog9 <-- presentation is on quark's hsuarts, but the concepts are similar21:32
warthog9still poking to find something more relevant (give me a second)21:32
BitweasilOk.  Well, as long as I can chatter with it from a reasonably isolated environment, I'm happy.21:33
BitweasilI mean, I know I *can* do anything I want in ring 0, but there's a difference between banging on a port and something that needs full interrupt descriptors set up. :)21:33
BitweasilOh, duh.  High speed UART is documented in the e3800 datasheet.21:54
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BitweasilLooks like you can either drop it into basic UART mode, or have it in a basic FIFO mode, and pound bits into a memory mapped register.22:38
BitweasilNot bad.22:38
BitweasilNot quite port IO, but not far from it once you find it.22:38
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