Thursday, 2016-11-03

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jacki am testing a  minnowboard ,i build it with use gerber files06:15
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jack all of voltages  are correct . but it do not work06:16
jackcan you suggest me how install it and solve my problem ?06:16
jackfream wear program on spi flash06:17
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BitweasilOddly difficult to figure out how to install Windows 10 on one of these things...16:27
BitweasilOk.  GPT for UEFI on Rufus and FAT32 seems to work.16:31
warthog9yeah, uefi + gpt/mbr is "weird" if you are used to more traditional type bios + uefi implementations17:35
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BitweasilMostly, I couldn't get Rufus to build a FAT32 MBR image for 64-bit Windows, and the board wouldn't recognize the NTFS partition (despite there supposedly being a shim)19:02
BitweasilIs this stuff worth adding to the wiki? :)19:02
BitweasilIt's slow installing Windows updates, but I have to say, I'm kind of impressed by this little gizmo so far.19:04
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warthog9Bitweasil: go setup an account on the wiki, and let me know what username you picked19:37
warthog9we've had a lot of wiki spam attacks on the user creation so I'm not blindly "approving" the accounts right now19:37
BitweasilAlright.  I'll see if that's something I can do for this project.19:37
BitweasilOr I can just leave random thoughts here and you can propagate them.  That works for me too.19:40
warthog9Bitweasil: darn it :-P19:42
warthog9you know my evil weakness19:42
BitweasilAnyway: For 64-bit Windows 10, if you're making a USB stick with Rufus, you should select "GPT partition scheme for UEFI", which defaults to FAT32.  That will boot and install, presuming you put a 64-bit Windows on the stick.19:46
BitweasilIf you have /efi/boot/bootia32.efi - it won't work.  Needs to be bootx64.efi (as long as you have a 64-bit firmware, I suppose)19:46
BitweasilThat bit of info on the wiki will probably save people a lot of time. ;)19:46
BitweasilAlso, MinnowBoard_MAX page - "Plate over High Speed Expansion Headers" section - I'm pretty sure it's a pick-and-place machine, not a pick-in-place machine.19:50
warthog9Bitweasil: let me finish up this e-mail and I'll go add that19:50
warthog9Bitweasil: want credit, as I'm likely going to copy/paste your stuff ;-)19:50
warthog9Bitweasil: gosh darn it!19:51
warthog9that's been up for like a year and no one caught that typo19:51
* warthog9 sighs and goes to fix things19:51
BitweasilNo credit desired or really wanted.19:52
BitweasilLikely problem: Not many people reading it know what one of those gizmos is. :)19:52
* warthog9 makes a note to put "blame Bitweasil for all of this!" on the top of the page19:53
warthog9ok typo fixed19:53
BitweasilOh, also worth mentioning the config path for making the SD card listed as non-removable: Device Manger -> System Setup -> South Cluster Configuration -> LPSS & SCC Configuration -> ACPI Reporting MMC/SD Media As -> Non-Removable19:55
BitweasilTook a bit to find that one.19:55
warthog9Bitweasil: you are on the win10 side of things, right?19:55
BitweasilYes, windows 10 as the OS for now.19:55
* warthog9 is trying to figure out where to put the rufus info19:55
BitweasilThe Windows page.19:55
BitweasilUnder windows 10.  Can't speak for any of the other versions.19:55
BitweasilAnd then mention that windows update will pull drivers for the display - it installs with the stock 800x600 frame buffer driver.19:55
warthog9I.E. just enough to get you moving19:56
warthog9I'm so glad Windows moved to that model of a generic "it'll work, but suck" to get you moving19:56
BitweasilYup.  No need to slipstream drivers or whatever you had to do.19:56
BitweasilAh, I see you're more or less the official evangelist now.  Excellent.  :D19:58
warthog9"now" ;-)19:58
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warthog9been doing this for almost 3 years :-)19:59
BitweasilLots of mailing lists to catch up on.  You seemed reasonably official and knowledgeable, wasn't sure if you were actually involved or just a bored hobbyist who happens to have admin on the wiki.19:59
warthog9all of the above technically ;-)19:59
Bitweasil"I can pester you about weird stuff and might even get an answer."20:00
warthog9pretty much :-)20:00
warthog9I don't guarantee the answers are 100% right (just as right as I know), and I guarantee sometimes I'll make bad puns and/or jokes20:01
BitweasilThat's fine.  I don't guarantee the questions will make the slightest bit of sense.20:02
warthog9ok one of the edits to the Windows page done20:07
warthog9Bitweasil: ok both things added20:10
BitweasilGreat, looks good.  Should save people some time.20:11
BitweasilWhat all bonus magic does the debug EFI include?20:22
BitweasilNever mind, a metric truckload of serial output, which is exactly what I was hoping for! :D20:24
BitweasilWould you have a suggestion on how to configure the board to trigger a #SMI on user request?20:27
warthog9I don't offhand20:31
BitweasilOk.  I know you can through the GPIO pins, may have to mess with that.20:31
Bitweasil(configure them to fire #SMI on state change or such)20:31
warthog9yeah, you can flip the gpios into interrupt mode20:31
warthog9which you should be able to attach through to smi20:32
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warthog9Bitweasil: you can always ask on the mailing list, the firmware guys thankfully hang out there20:33
warthog9and we can always pull in the windows firmware folks, as they are pretty nice20:33
warthog9Bitweasil: I can say that your suggestion has already been used to point to someone having problems with setting up Windows internally here ;-)21:36
warthog9Bitweasil: so your timing is perfect, and slightly comedic21:36
Bitweasillol.  Glad it was useful!21:49
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Frigid_CryotankI was handed a Turbot board last week... just plugged in a display, keyboard, and power supply.  After a couple of power cycles, the display comes up and it's LIVE!21:56
BitweasilI have to admit, I'd be a bit concerned if a cryotank was, say, "balmy."21:57
Frigid_CryotankI'm new to the Turbot.  It came with 64-bit support installed.  The tenative plan was to download Mint Linux and jump through the hoops for an install... using an external 160 GB external USB drive.21:58
* Frigid_Cryotank is always cool under pressure.21:58
BitweasilHoops?  Not many of them, really.  Should work fine, though you've only got 2 USB ports to work with, so you'll need a hub.21:59
BitweasilWhy USB vs SATA or SD, though?21:59
Frigid_CryotankGood point.  Okay, change cables.. now it'll be a SATA install.21:59
Frigid_CryotankThis process is 64-bit x86 compatible? I should just be able to shove Mint Linux from the Mint site into it?  Or is there a specific distribution for the Turbot board?22:00
BitweasilSATA > USB for hard drive interfaces.  IMO.22:00
BitweasilYou can just toss the Linux image on a USB drive and boot from that - should install normally.22:00
BitweasilCorrect.  The board is reasonably close to a generic x64 PC.22:00
BitweasilYou can boot Ubuntu from a USB drive with no problems, and a bone stock Windows 10 installer (assuming 64-bit) works fine.22:02
BitweasilI assume Mint will work fine.22:02
Frigid_CryotankAlright.. I've a couple of 8 GB SDHC flash widgets.  Format for FAT32, copy the unpacked Mint onto it, turn off the Turbot, plug SDHC into Turbot, and (I hope) eventually get it onto the SATA drive.22:02
BitweasilUse one of the ISO to USB utilities if you can.22:03
Bitweasilunetbootinst or such.22:03
Frigid_CryotankThe unzipped MINT is an ISO?22:03
BitweasilYou will need to make sure you've got a version of Mint with UEFI support - there's no fallback BIOS booting on these boards that I'm aware of.22:03
BitweasilUh... I'm not sure? :)  I downloaded the Ubuntu ISO and used Rufus on Windows to blow the image onto a USB stick.22:03
BitweasilAnd it worked.22:03
Frigid_CryotankLatest Mint is 18, "Sarah".22:04
BitweasilI *think* you might need to specify GPT as the partition type - I had to for Windows.22:04
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BitweasilI know nothing of mint, other than that the schnapps are good in hot cocoa.22:04
BitweasilI'd assume it would work, though.22:05
Frigid_CryotankAh.  Harvard is 8 miles away from me.  That "should" mean a half-fast rate ...22:06
BitweasilI like their architecture.22:07
BitweasilAnd it takes me hours to download an ISO, but the tradeoffs are worth it.22:07
Frigid_Cryotank19 minutes to go on the ISO.22:07
Frigid_Cryotank8 GB should be plenty big enough.22:08
Frigid_CryotankHuh.  Turbot can't drive an HDMI-to-VGA converter.22:08
Frigid_CryotankOh wait.22:08
BitweasilThat's... actually slow.  But, yes, 8GB should be fine.22:08
BitweasilI used to work somewhere with a ~1G connection to the internet.22:08
Bitweasil(to each desktop - I could at 900Mbit)22:08
BitweasilThe Max was missing the level shifters - the Turbot should have those.22:09
Frigid_CryotankJust checked.  No good.  Well, the HDMI to VGA interface is made by "Manhattan".  A $15 widget that I'm going to return Friday afternoon..22:14
Frigid_CryotankI have only ONE display with a DVI input.. and do have an HDMI to DVI cable.22:14
Frigid_CryotankWill they EVER stop messing around with all these cables!!???!!22:14
BitweasilJust get a mini-HDMI to DVI cable.22:15
BitweasilThey're cheap enough.22:15
Frigid_CryotankI used to remember who said, "Standards are great.  There are so many of them that we can pick and choose which to follow."22:16
Frigid_CryotankOh for...22:16
Frigid_CryotankThe Manhattan has a mini-USB socket on it.  Wanna bet it requires external power?22:17
Bitweasillol.  Probably.22:17
BitweasilSpeaking of.  *plugs in his USB battery pack*22:18
BitweasilI was running my board off a USB battery pack for a few days waiting for my power adapter.22:18
Frigid_CryotankMine is black... their's are all white.  And the ONE view I want to see on theirs, where the cable comes out of the back, ISN'T available.22:24
Frigid_CryotankAND they don't say anything about requiring USB power.22:24
Frigid_CryotankDo HDMI sockets have DC power available?22:24
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BitweasilI'm not sure.  Check the pinout.22:27
Frigid_CryotankYep... +5V power is available.  But only a maximum of 50 mA.22:27
Frigid_CryotankProbably not enough to run the DACs.22:28
Frigid_CryotankAlright... I can live with the micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter and HDMI to DVI cable.22:28
Frigid_CryotankAnd I can get my $15 back tomorrow afternoon.22:29
Frigid_CryotankAfter that... Ah, the download completed.22:29
Frigid_CryotankSo I have something to do over the weekend.22:29
Frigid_Cryotankmicro HDMI.  19 wires in that little assembly.  Geeze.22:30
BitweasilHuh.  Interesting.  Looks like nothing is mapped >4G, even with a 64-bit EFI.22:31
BitweasilI guess that makes sense if you only have 2GB RAM.22:31
Frigid_CryotankI haven't started staring at the processor.  Does it have hard floats?22:31
BitweasilIt's a recent Atom chip.22:32
BitweasilData sheet is there (you can download it, but might not want to print it - 5800 pages, give or take)22:33
BitweasilThink of it as modern netbook guts, with some fun pins brought out to play with.22:33
BitweasilOk, 5300 pages.22:33
Frigid_CryotankGood Gawd.  Thanks for the heads-up!!!22:36
BitweasilI mean, that's kind of the point of this board.  A random person can get all the bits and bobs to make it go, even if you are still a tiny bit reliant on the binary blobs from Intel for initial bringup.22:38
BitweasilBut you can get the full EFI source to mess with, the SOC is well documented, etc.22:38
BitweasilAnd it's cheap.22:38
BitweasilOh, and it brings out the SPI flash pins, so when you screw up the firmware, you can easily reflash it without having to pull the chip.22:38
BitweasilIt's useful if you need a lot more grunt than a Raspberry Pi, and it's also a good platform for x86 dev.22:39
BitweasilAnyway, I'm out.  Quitting time.  Later!22:39
Frigid_CryotankThanks.. and good evening.22:40
Frigid_CryotankOkay.. it has floating point integrated.22:44
Frigid_CryotankInteresting little chip.22:44
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