Tuesday, 2016-11-08

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Bitweasilwarthog9, power for doing challenge/response on RFID, without making for hellish side channels, is just tricky.16:30
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warthog9Bitweasil: yup17:06
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warthog9la la la21:35
warthog9updating info21:35
BitweasilWhat errors did you find now? :)22:04
BitweasilAnd, uh, silly question: Once my SPI flasher shows up, do I just blow the .bin image onto the chip, or is it more involved?22:04
warthog9Bitweasil: flash it down22:05
warthog9just make sure, if you built your own image, that you've got the SPI descriptor in your .bin22:05
warthog9or just don't overwrite the SPI descriptor22:06
BitweasilOk.  I'll be building from the reference Minnowboard firmware.22:06
BitweasilNot sure what that includes or not.22:06
warthog9trying to remember the official howto steps22:07
warthog9last time I built the firmware was like 2 years ago22:07
BitweasilAlright.  I'll look into it.22:07
Bitweasil"Something to understand before just blowing an image in place."22:07
warthog9I know coreboot has a script that can extract the SPI descriptor22:07
warthog9which I think the U-boot guys are either using, or copied22:08
BitweasilI plan to use the stock image with some tweaks.22:08
Bitweasil(initially, getting the STM wedged in and working)22:08
warthog9once you've got it building it's not so bad22:09
warthog9it's just getting all the pieces figured out to build22:10
BitweasilYeah, there are a lot of moving parts, copying files around, etc.22:10
warthog9think out (at the time) intern wrote something up22:11
warthog9seeing if I can find it quick22:11
warthog9it would be outdated22:11
warthog9but it would be something22:11
Bitweasil*nods* Looks like if you don't have the SPI descriptor, you just flash to part of the SPI.22:12
BitweasilI'll take whatever you can find, though.  You know this far better than i do at this point.22:12
warthog9and I'm sure my memory is bit rotten22:12
BitweasilJust rowhammered. :p22:13
BitweasilYou see the Drammer paper?22:14
warthog9no, new one on row hammering?22:14
Bitweasil"So, uh, yeah, we can do this to ARM, and here's a fun little deterministic root that only requires the memory allocator - nothing else."22:14
BitweasilDamned impressive work.22:14
BitweasilThe older stuff required CLFLUSH or such, and that wasn't an option on ARM.22:15
BitweasilThey figured out how to make it work, and then make it exploit reliably.22:15
warthog9that is impressive22:15
BitweasilZero privileged Android binary can pop an awful lot of phones.22:16
warthog9'cause you know at some point someone will figure out how to pull it off from the web browser and then everything is toast :-/22:16
BitweasilExploits never get worse with time...22:17
warthog9Bitweasil: drammer is a very nice bit of work22:19
warthog9scary as all get out, but a very nice bit of work22:19
BitweasilYup.  I was properly impressed.22:20
BitweasilI've only done work on double sided hammering with CLFLUSH.22:20
warthog9the release notes actually do a pretty decent job trying to walk folks through the build process22:21
warthog9I get the feeling that's where the write-ups from the intern went22:22
Bitweasil*nods* I've seen those.  Thanks, looks like I'm on the right track.22:22
warthog9obviously, if you have problems poke us ;-)22:22
BitweasilThe public STM code is supposed to work on the Minnowboard, so I expect everything to be smooth sailing. ;)22:22
warthog9that sounds like someone's famous last words22:23
Bitweasil:D Yup.22:23
BitweasilI'll see.22:23
BitweasilMy goal is to get stuff set up smoothly so other people on my team don't have to slog through this stuff.22:23
* warthog9 nods22:24
warthog9once you've figured out how the decoder ring works, everything gets "easier"22:24
BitweasilPretty much.22:24
warthog9and as much as we've tried to document stuff, I don't guarantee we haven't made an assumption that we didn't document somewhere22:25
BitweasilAnd I'll harass you when I find those. ;)22:25
warthog9or we documented it like HHGTTG22:25
Bitweasil"Mostly Harmless"?22:25
warthog9"It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard."22:26
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