Monday, 2016-11-14

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warthog9Rjmendez_: on the turbot?18:21
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warthog9got anything else plugged into it?18:22
Rjmendez_Some USB hubs, at the time I recorded that there was nothing connected but the SSD or nothing.18:23
warthog9how's the GPS connected?18:24
* warthog9 goes to look up some info18:24
Rjmendez_GPS is USB through the hub18:25
Rjmendez_I had issues with GPS while it was connected to another device.18:25
warthog9Rjmendez_: hmmm18:38
warthog9Rjmendez_: you found that with just a normal hackrf?18:38
Rjmendez_Semi normal, it has some shielding installed on the board and a portapack on top.18:39
Rjmendez_You can hook up a GPS antenna to it with an active antenna.18:39
warthog9just reading back through some test data to see if anything jumps out at me18:40
Rjmendez_That was with SDR# but I could rerun the tests in more detail when I get time, we had a day off.18:41
warthog9Rjmendez_: yeah, I'd be curious, though I don't think I've noticed GPS not working near a turbot18:47
warthog9but you are making me want to double check that when I get home where I've got the setup with the gps / glonass receiver18:47
Rjmendez_It might be the SSD as well, I've been seeing problems with it for a week and I just removed "the problem"18:49
warthog9yeah, was double checking the FCC paperwork we've got for the Turbot to see if there was anything obvious there18:49
warthog9but the FCC only mandates testing up to 1Ghz18:50
warthog9so no data up near gps range18:50
warthog9though if there was something I'd expect a harmonic lower down18:50
warthog9and nothing jumped out18:51
Rjmendez_It's very weak without the active antenna, the problem is that it's right on the L1 band.18:51
warthog9could it be the active antenna?18:51
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Rjmendez_Nope, I tested with my phone as well.18:51
Rjmendez_The USB GPS has its own antenna18:52
Rjmendez_So that was two sources.18:52
warthog9well should be easy enough to test18:52
warthog9load up a turbot18:52
warthog9stick a gps receiver near it, if it gets flakey, go dig up the hackrf and take a look18:52
Rjmendez_Yeah, if you are close you might be able to see it with an untuned antenna.18:53
Rjmendez_It isn't a problem without the SSD18:53
warthog9I can try it with a couple of drives18:53
Rjmendez_Those spikes only show up at boot time.18:53
warthog9msata and an ssd18:53
warthog9could just be an odd interaction between the samsung and the minnow18:54
Rjmendez_If I had time I would bring it into the Faraday cage at work. :-(18:54
warthog9we'll see if we can replicate18:55
dscullyHas anyone worked with audio codecs connected to the Minnowboard Max via the i2c/lpe interface? I've been trying to take advantage of the SSDT overlays in the newer kernels to register a codec, but I'm getting kernel panics trying to load a TI driver (tlv320aic31xx)18:58
warthog9dscully: I know a couple of people who have played with it internally, but I haven't followed how far they've gotten18:59
warthog9dscully: if you put something on the mailing list I can forward to them and see if they can jump on the mailing list?18:59
dscullywarthog9: ok will do, I'll copy over what I posted to TI forums19:00
warthog9easy enough :-)19:01
dscullyalright, posted :)19:07
warthog9dscully: ok I'll forward it off to the internal folks after lunch19:08
dscullywarthog9: thanks, appreciate it!19:09
warthog9I do what I can :-)19:10
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