Wednesday, 2016-11-16

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Bitweasilwarthog9, got the SPI Hook working.  Flashrom on Windows is a pain... do it from Linux.21:55
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warthog9I do prefer Linux for a lot of reasons ;-)22:04
Bitweasilsudo solves most known problems.22:13
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BitweasilYeah, I'm limited by a Windows host...22:24
warthog9one of my windows hosts won't talk to AD right now22:26
warthog9so I'm having all kinds of fun on that side of the world22:26
BitweasilOof.  No useful advice here.22:27
BitweasilI'm just downloading the EFI trees.  Slowly.22:27
BitweasilAnd letting the batteries soak.22:29
BitweasilSunny, cold afternoon.  Gobs of power, even with some panels mis-aimed.22:29
warthog9was just talking to solar city the other day22:38
warthog9debating if I jump on solar now, or wait for the tiles22:38
BitweasilThe "solar shingle" things?22:44
BitweasilTalk to a local solar installer instead of Solar City, and get reasonable panels.22:44
BitweasilUnless you live in one of those horrible places where the HOA governs what you can and can't put in your roof.22:44
warthog9Bitweasil: yeah the solar shingles22:44
warthog9Bitweasil: ohhhh I don't have an HOA22:44
warthog9that was a base requirement for the house, and the realtor across the street currently hates me for it :-)22:45
BitweasilThe solar shingles are going to cost a lot and underperform regular panels.22:45
BitweasilSolar panels are happiest being lazy lizards.22:45
warthog9realtor's angry at me for painting our shop doors with a mural with blood cells, circuit boards, and a stylization of cherenkov radiation22:45
BitweasilAny time you ask them to do other things beyond sitting in the sun soaking up photons, you end up with a bad (whatever) and a bad solar panel.22:45
BitweasilYou MONSTER.22:45
BitweasilNot far from me, there's a purple house.22:46
BitweasilYou know that color purple people envision as a justification for HOAs?  Yup.  That shade.22:46
BitweasilDoesn't bother me a bit.22:46
BitweasilDo you have a photo of that mural?  Sounds pretty cool. :)22:46
warthog9I know I'm a monster, she implied my wife and I are "mean" people as a result of the murals as they might be construed as grafitti (city cited freedom of expression and non-vulgar when she called them on us)22:46
warthog9Bitweasil: yeah I'll get one up on flickr tonight22:47
warthog9it's still a work in progress22:47
warthog9but I like it :-)22:47
BitweasilLMAO.  "Mean people" for painting a geeky mural?  You're polluting their view!22:47
warthog9I point out my out building (no known as the shop) was there before those houses were built22:47
warthog9and the mural was put up just as ground broke on those houses22:48
warthog9so I'm claiming I was there first and it's not my problem ;-)22:48
BitweasilLike the people who move into cheap housing by an airport then try to get it shut down.22:49
BitweasilI'm quite happy on my 2 acres of leave me alone, surrounded by plenty of other of mostly unusable acres.22:50
warthog9I have slightly more sympathy for the airport folks22:50
warthog9but yeah, same rough idea22:50
warthog9yeah we've got 2.5ish acres22:50
warthog9but our lot is long and semi-narrow, so we end up with something like 40 directly touching neighbors22:51
BitweasilWe're on 2, but the surrounding property is my inlaws, or otherwise mostly unusable.22:51
warthog9so far all the touching neighbors have been quite pleasant and nice22:51
warthog9this realtor lady is directly across the street trying to sell these two new, overpriced, houses22:51
BitweasilOh FFS.23:06
BitweasilThe EDKII won't build with Visual Studio 2015.23:07
BitweasilIt's explicitly looking for 2013 or older.23:07
BitweasilAt least for the version that the Minnowboard 0.93 is built against.23:08
BitweasilAm I likely to be able to build against head with 2015?23:13
BitweasilAnd if so, is that likely to work for the Minnowboard if the rest of the blobs are present?23:13
BitweasilWell, I'll see if I can force an install of 2013 update 5.23:19
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BitweasilThe STM docs refer to using Visual Studio 2015 when talking about how to build the Minnowboard test system. *sigh*23:24
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BitweasilMaybe I'll see if I can build the whole thing in Linux. :/23:44
BitweasilDone for the day, l8r.23:44

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