Thursday, 2016-11-17

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bcranBitweasil: a purple house sounds awesome :)03:39
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BitweasilAlright, found a Visual Studio Express 2013 installer.  Let's see if this works.14:12
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Pierre1*waiting for that epic mural photo15:00
BitweasilSame. :)15:01
BitweasilAlso, woo.  Parallel installs of VS2013 and 2015 seem to work for building stuff.15:02
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warthog9 <-- shop doors17:51
warthog9and, yes, that's a MinnowBoard on the left side of the middle door17:51
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Bitweasilwarthog9, that's awesome.  How could anyone complain about that?20:19
BitweasilAlso, new EFI ROM built and boots.  Well, then windows pukes, but... hey, no surprise there. :)20:31
warthog9Bitweasil: I have no idea why people would complain about the doors, I don't even have the glow in the dark paint and/or the uv lights to help them glow at night yet ;-)20:41
warthog9Bitweasil: also that's not half bad, which windows and did you change anything major to the firmware?  Windows 8.1 and 10 should just work with the stock firmware (if we build it or you)20:41
BitweasilWindows 10 works with the stock firmware.20:41
BitweasilWhen I inject FRM and the STM, it doesn't.20:41
BitweasilBut I can think of half a dozen valid reasons for that to be the case.20:42
warthog9yeah, not surprising in that case20:42
BitweasilMy "clean" firmware boots it fine, yes.20:42
warthog9yay, at least we aren't any more/less broken ;-)20:47
ulf`warthog9: look at internal IRC ;)22:06
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