Monday, 2016-11-28

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ScrambledAurorastakes like 30min before the minnow just refuses to boot, AAs don't seem to have enough juice to power it03:36
bluelightningScrambledAuroras: you could use more AAs and a buck converter03:50
ScrambledAurorasyou read my mind ;P03:51
bluelightningit'd be interesting to hear if you do get it to work03:51
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BitweasilScrambledAuroras, I doubt a 9V bucked down will source enough current for long.16:08
BitweasilWhat are you trying to do, exactly?16:08
BitweasilAnd if the question is batteries, the answer, for any case, should involve lithium.  I'd use a 1S lithium pack with a boost converter, myself...16:08
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