Friday, 2016-12-02

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warthog9ScrambledAuroras: I tend to use a big old anker battery when I need battery operation19:01
warthog9ScrambledAuroras: <-- latest version of what I've been using19:02
warthog9(I've got the 2nd Gen Astro E7, I think that's the 3rd)19:02
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Rjmendez_ScrambledAuroras: I'm using these
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warthog9Rjmendez_: I've got a couple of those floating around22:55
warthog9Rjmendez_: pretty solid all told22:55
Rjmendez_Yeah the one of the front actually took most of my weight in a fall off of a bike22:56
Rjmendez_I disassemble that hammered the case flat no damage to the battery and it seems to work just fine22:56
warthog9yeah, I've got the black one (like you've got), and that's running a robot that's got a minnow in it23:01
warthog9and a previous generation (silver?) that's in the big k-9 robot23:01
BitweasilI just build my own USB battery packs when I need one. :/23:07
warthog9Bitweasil: I'd do that if I didn't distrust myself to not screw up the charging circuits ;-)23:25
BitweasilOh, I use prebuilt charging circuits and such.23:31
BitweasilJust... I have a lot of lithium batteries around.23:31
warthog9Bitweasil: as long as they aren't from Note 7s ;-)23:35
BitweasilNah, LiMn chemistry 18650s.23:36
BitweasilI've got a thousand or so laying around.23:36
warthog9yeah I need to go back and look at more of the 18650s23:36
BitweasilAlright, I'm out.  Have a good weekend!23:41

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