Monday, 2016-12-05

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Bitweasilzentrum, if you create the image, I'm sure warthog9 can add it to the official wiki.15:46
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minnowandroidanyone there ?16:23
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Bitweasilminnowandroid, yeah, what's up?16:35
minnowandroidHello Bitweasil16:36
minnowandroidI am facing some issue with my minnowboard16:36
minnowandroidI need some help16:36
BitweasilRight.  So, this is IRC.  Convention would be to state the relevant problem, then wait around to see if anyone has ideas.16:37
minnowandroidMy problem is on the rooting process, I followed step by step the guide on 01 but SuperSU still gives me "No binary found".16:38
BitweasilAh.  I have zero useful advice, sorry.  I work on the EFI side of it, not the Android side.16:39
minnowandroidThe problems comes because I think that /system/xbin is not on the path or something like that. So I just did a "cp /system/xbin/su /system/bin/" and "chmod 777 /system/bin/su".  When I start supersu it finally finds the binary and propose an update of it. But the result is : "Installation failed"...16:40
minnowandroidOk no problem Biteweasil16:40
minnowandroidBut do you know anyone who knows the Android side16:40
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BitweasilIt's IRC.  Stick around.  Maybe someone will, maybe nobody does and you have to figure it out.16:42
warthog9minnowandroid: is there anything in the logcat for supersu attempting to update it?17:01
minnowandroidThere is nothing special17:03
warthog9supersu should report, through logcat, what is the problem when it tries to update and errors17:03
minnowandroidLet me check17:04
minnowandroidi'll copy paste here ok ?17:04
warthog9I'd pastebin and get us a link17:06
warthog9pasting into irc is almost always a formatting nightmare ;-)17:06
minnowandroidYes :D17:07
minnowandroidI have the logcat how can I send you the content ?17:08
minnowandroidGood tool :) Didn't know ! here is the link :
minnowandroidFor information I'm using Supersu v2.4617:15
ulf`_The new page is online!17:21
radahehe will check.17:28
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* bradfa dislikes the new website, it is very very very slow to load and I have a fast computer and a 1 Gb/s connection to the net.18:52
KotHbradfa: imho, who ever is responsible for that design should be burried in hersheys18:53
warthog9KotH: you are just spoiled with your nice chocolate18:54
bradfait has pretty fonts and looks fancy18:54
bradfa seems to require a very large resolution monitor to actually still be able to see the board and read the pop-over text18:55
KotHwarthog9: i'm sorry for you, to have grown up in poverty18:55
smurraythe "Please wait... is loading. --" and 15-30 second wait is ridiculous on a website from a company like Intel18:55
smurrayespecially when the website does not have anything on it that looks like it would require that18:56
KotHsmurray: no, intel is telling you to buy a faster processor18:56
smurrayOC to 4.5 GHz quadcore with 32GB of RAM isn't enough for the minnowboard site? ;)18:56
bradfaKotH: I have an E5-2687Wv4, there aren't many faster processors18:57
smurrayalso with "Factory Lead-Time: 23 Weeks" for the Quad-core, it shouldn't even be listed on the website, that's ridiculous18:57
bradfasmurray: mouser gets stock on valentines day :)18:57
smurrayso much for 16Q4 availability18:58
bradfasmurray: depends on how you count financial years compared to calendar years :)19:00
smurraybradfa: heh19:01
KotHbradfa: apparently not fast enough19:03
KotHbradfa: use liquid nitrogen to overclock your cpu to the max!19:03
KotHalso..  please for the sake of all that is good and just.. someone kill the webdesigner of the new minnowboard page...19:03
KotH(unless he is willing to reconsider his career choice)19:04
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bradfaon it seems like it's loading markdown files and then rendering them via javascript.  that plus there seems to be huge delays after loading some of the javascript while it runs to figure out what to fetch next, there's huge gaps in the timeline in firefox developer tools right after some scripts get fetched19:07
BitweasilIt was absurdly slow to me, but I'm on a slow connection, so...19:09
bradfaBitweasil: it's unlikely to be your connections fault, although it does load upwards of 2 MB total19:09
bluelightningseems to be loading OK here19:17
BitweasilQuad core will be nice... are there additional ethernet lures?  One of these would make for a very nice little Mikrotik router.19:20
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