Wednesday, 2016-12-07

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BitweasilThe SD card reader isn't a PCI device as near as I can tell...18:22
warthog9Bitweasil: it's sdio18:55
warthog9the controller isn't attached to the pci bus18:55
BitweasilI'm knee deep in ACPI tables right now. :)18:56
* warthog9 offers up the hip waders18:57
BitweasilTrying to figure out what the hypervisor isn't passing through properly.18:57
BitweasilIt *seems* like Linux gets up to the point where it's trying to work out the SD card then hangs.18:57
warthog9which hypervisor?18:58
BitweasilThe little reference FRM hypervisor that ships with the reference STM.18:59
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BitweasilLaunches the STM just fine, but won't boot Linux or anything.19:02
warthog9is the rootfs on the sdcard?19:03
BitweasilYeah, Linux is fully installed on the SD card.19:03
warthog9could try it from a usb stick I suppose :-/19:04
BitweasilI was going to try USB booting at some point.19:04
BitweasilYeah.  I expect some hardware access isn't getting passed through.19:04
BitweasilI've fought that with other hypervisors - usually some PCI device is mapped into the stratosphere.19:05
warthog9and since it's not a "normal" bus, per-se, it might just be harder to track down what's going on :-/19:05
BitweasilThat's sort of my assumption right now.  I'm open to ideas! :D19:06
BitweasilIt *should* just be memory and IO space...19:06
warthog9should be19:06
warthog9I can dig up the driver if it's helpful19:06
BitweasilI'm looking at the Linux driver source.19:06
* warthog9 nods19:06
BitweasilHm.  Actually, looking at a log, it did find the root filesystem.19:08
* Bitweasil keeps digging.19:08
BitweasilYeah, kernel is unhappy.  Modprobe is apparently hung now...19:25
* Bitweasil pulls out flashrom to undo some creative testing.19:49
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ulf`warthog9: PING20:53
warthog9ulf`: pong21:08
zentrumBitweasil: <= helped me a lot21:14
zentrumyou ll find all bus/devices...21:14
BitweasilYeah, I have a copy of that. Not sure which device it's a problem with.21:33
BitweasilTrying a different hypervisor for fun.21:33
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zentrumother chipsets have the sdcard as an usb device22:30
zentrumSDIO is quite heavy to implement...22:30
zentrumhave to go back implementing something stupid in visual basic for applications :/22:31
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warthog9zentrum: yeah, sdio is great from some angles, and a mess from others22:40
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