Thursday, 2016-12-08

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wyseguyhey guys, would a 3d printed vesa mount box be of interest to anyone? I made one for a friend, and he thought it might be a good idea to ask in here.05:13
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BitweasilI think my problem is that one of the CPUs is getting stuck in SMM.19:07
BitweasilOr the hypervisor.19:07
BitweasilNot sure which.19:07
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lostincake_I'm using the minnowboard max and I'm trying to find some documentation on what the EXP_GPIO pins on the high speed connector do on bootup19:10
lostincake_are these pins tri-state by default19:11
BitweasilYour best reference will be the e3800 reference.19:11
BitweasilWhich is a ~5000 page PDF on the SOC used.19:11
BitweasilThe rest of the board can more or less be described as a breakout board for the chip.19:11
lostincake_hmmm... seems like it might be easier for me to just probe the pin on bootup lol19:11
BitweasilIt's a well written manual.19:12
BitweasilBut, yes, probing the pin is probably quicker.19:12
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lostincake_looks like EXP_GPIO1 at least goes up to 1.5V19:27
BitweasilWhat's the Vcc level on those?  3.3V?  I haven't used the GPIO yet.19:27
lostincake_looks like they are 1.8V level on the HSE connector19:29
BitweasilAh, ok.19:29
BitweasilI'm planning to do something ugly with the low speed interface at some point.19:29
BitweasilHaven't looked at the high speed side.19:29
lostincake_what's "ugly"?19:29
BitweasilLoop the PWM output into one of the other inputs and configure that port to trigger SMIs on state change.19:30
BitweasilSo I can "buzz" SMIs on a frequent basis.19:30
lostincake_that... yeah...19:31
lostincake_the LSE header looks like it goes through a level translator19:31
lostincake_but the HSE one doesn't annoyingly...19:32
BitweasilDoes that qualify as ugly? :)19:32
lostincake_PWM to trigger SMIs seems masochistic...19:33
BitweasilYou got a better option that doesn't require OS cooperation? :)19:33
lostincake_I dunno what you're using the SMIs for in the end19:34
lostincake_I'm currently talking to like 4 arduinos through a USB hub19:34
BitweasilExperimenting with the STM.19:35
lostincake_that is over my head heh19:52
lostincake_on the bright side, some of these GPIO ARE pull down19:52
lostincake_and you were right, this datasheet is pretty well written19:56
BitweasilYeah, the Intel ones are.20:01
BitweasilIs it possible to disable all but the BSP on the Minnowboard?20:01
lostincake_no idea :(20:07
lostincake_I also cant seem to control this GPIO20:07
BitweasilAre you using the right mapping for the kernel you're running?20:14
BitweasilLinux changed the GPIO mappings at some point.20:14
lostincake_yeah, I'm running kernel 4+20:18
lostincake_the pin I'm using is EXP_GPIO5(XDP_H_OBSDATA_A0)20:19
BitweasilNo idea then. :/  I haven't played with the IO, just the EFI.20:19
lostincake_so maybe whatever that XDP shit is, is still muxed in20:19
lostincake_because the non muxed pins are working fine even on the HSE20:21
BitweasilOh, that's quite possible.20:23
warthog9wait - are you really looping the pwm in to cause SMIs? ;-)20:40
BitweasilNot yet, but I plan to...20:55
BitweasilGot a better idea? :)20:56
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