Monday, 2016-12-12

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zentrumgna! i was quite happy ADI announced Intel nics in the dual-e and now, intel uses the realtek 8111 HN(?) for the new Apollo Lake based NUCs...15:27
zentrumits a pity, making more quite good (at least better than realtek) nics and they simply do not use it :(15:28
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warthog9zentrum: hadn't seen the nucs went that way17:41
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Bumpy_Does anybody know whether MinnowBoard Turbot Dual Core supports Windows 10 (not IOT, I need to run Kinect 1 on it and Windows IOT doesn't have drivers for kinect)20:07
zentrumwarthog9: at least the core iSeries NUCs are still running with intel nics20:10
BitweasilBumpy_, yes, you can run Windows 10 on the Turbot.20:11
Bitweasil has directions for making a USB installer.20:12
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Bumpy_Thanks bitweasil! Have anyone successfully connected a Kinect to this board before? I couldn't find evidence but specs sound like it should be fine20:13
Bumpy_Minnowboard is x86?20:14
BitweasilI haven't, but I can't see why you'd have any trouble.  It's a generic x86 PC.20:14
BitweasilAtom E3800 SoC.20:14
Bumpy_Great, just what I need! Thanks a lot!20:15
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warthog9zentrum: amused they don't list the realtek part20:35
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