Tuesday, 2016-12-13

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zentrumwarthog9: exactly, at least they be ashamed ;)05:30
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BitweasilDual core.  Apic IDs 0, 4.  Why? :/20:19
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poseidhi - i am trying to get a turbot board running20:22
poseidbut I see some UEFI message which does not make sense to me20:22
BitweasilThat's the EFI shell.  Perfectly expected.  What are you trying to do?20:23
poseidboot linux20:24
BitweasilHave you installed Linux yet?20:24
poseidwith 2 usb sticks20:24
Bitweasilcd efi20:24
Bitweasilcd (whatever shows up, usually either 'boot' or 'ubuntu')20:24
Bitweasilor such.20:24
BitweasilIt's DOS, basically.20:24
poseidah, ok - yes this gives the content of the usb stick20:25
BitweasilIf you don't see anything, try fs1:20:25
BitweasilYou could also probably go into the boot manager and select the stick to boot from.20:25
Bitweasilcd EFI20:25
Bitweasilsee what's in there.  cd to either boot or ubuntu.20:26
BitweasilAnd run the boot loader, probably grubx64.efi or grub32.efi or something.20:26
BitweasilSee also, google and "efi shell howto"20:26
poseidcool - that boots ubuntu20:26
BitweasilIf you get the same thing after the install, use the same process to boot it.  I'm sure there's a way to make it auto-boot, but I don't know what it is.  i spend far too much time at the EFI shell.20:27
poseidok - but with 2 usb sticks there is no space for a keyboard20:28
poseidi will try to use an usb hub20:28
BitweasilThat should work.20:28
BitweasilOr just run it over the serial console if you have a TTL level adapter.20:28
BitweasilOr get a Micro SD card and install to that.20:29
poseidyes, the ttl cable seems to work too20:30
poseidhmm... never got this far :)20:31
poseidwhat other useful efi commands should i know?20:31
BitweasilYou should Google or Bing or Yahoo it yourself...20:32
BitweasilAlternately, download the source and nose around.20:33
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poseidunetbootin creates a usb stick with syslinux20:38
poseidnot sure how to boot that ...20:38
warthog9Bitweasil: no idea on the apic ids, there is a quad core variant which might have something to do with that20:39
BitweasilNot sure if you can or not.  I used Rufus.  "MBR Partition Scheme for BIOS or UEFI" and FAT32 gave me the EFI bits to boot from.20:40
Bitweasilwarthog9, yeah, just annoying.  Code I'm fighting with assumes sequential APIC IDs. :/20:40
BitweasilNot the first time I've fought this problem.20:40
warthog9poseid: `exit` is a great efi command to know from the shell ;-)20:40
warthog9poseid: since that will (usually) take you to the configuration menu20:40
poseidok - then it seems the usb stick, i'll try with another20:42
warthog9poseid: what OS are you working from?20:43
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poseidhost machine is a macos20:45
poseidnow i am trying to make a freebsd machine20:45
poseidthe nice thing on unetbootin was to have a single source for the bootable disk images20:46
poseidbut i don't get that content on the stick after downloading20:47
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