Wednesday, 2016-12-14

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dalek_hello do anybody knows how to enable usb device mode ?09:28
tbrdalek_: for which board?09:43
tbrif minnowmax or turbot, then the SoC doesn't support device mode and you'd need to use a mini-pci usb card09:43
dalek_actually I am using e3825 cpu which has usb device09:51
dalek_it has usb device mode. I think minnowboard turbot (e3845) also has it.09:51
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dalek_I googled a lot but I canot find any examples :(09:52
dalek_and I'm using u-boot.x8609:53
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warthog9dalek_: I'm pretty sure the E38xx series SoCs doesn't support usb device :-/17:00
warthog9and of course he pings out just before I finish typing that ;-)17:01
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BitweasilHigh speed UARTs are working, but don't show up in lspci.  Yet the kernel recognizes them and knows their MMIO region.  How would that work?  ACPI tables and saying "Ignore this device" or something?23:30
BitweasilAh.  LPSS & SCC Devices Mode set to ACPI, not PCI.23:44
BitweasilThat'd do it!23:44
* Bitweasil still doesn't really understand ACPI devices...23:44
warthog9Bitweasil: well the hsuarts aren't attached to the pci bus exactly23:52
BitweasilThe manual lists them as having PCI config registers and such.23:52
BitweasilIs that emulated somehow?23:52
warthog9think that's emulated in hardware23:52
warthog9mostly for the pci mode, if I remember from the last time I looked at it a couple of years ago23:53
BitweasilRight.  I found the switch to toggle them to PCI mode and they show up on the PCI bus now.23:53
BitweasilJust trying to understand why/what that does, exactly, and how an ACPI device is handled.23:54
BitweasilMostly, I want to bang on the HSUART from ring 0, and I didn't want to parse ACPI. :)23:54
BitweasilDoesn't solve my "Linux hangs with the FRM hypervisor inserted" problem, though. :(23:54
BitweasilI was hopeful...23:54
BitweasilIt seems I lose a CPU somewhere when it's trying to do stuff with the disks, and I cannot figure out why.23:54
BitweasilNext step is to try with a SATA disk, I think.23:54
warthog9I assume there's no debugging output you can enable?23:55
BitweasilSince the SD controller seems weird.23:55
warthog9did you try it on usb?23:55
BitweasilYeah, same general behavior, slightly different place to hang.23:55
BitweasilI'm confident the hypervisor is doing *something* wrong.23:55
BitweasilI just haven't figured out what yet.23:55
BitweasilI stop seeing VMexit reason 52 from one of the CPUs (that's the VMX Timer exit reason).23:56
BitweasilThe remaining CPU keeps exiting, but the guest RIP stays the same.23:56
BitweasilEh, it's quitting time for the day.  I'll mess with this tomorrow.  The battery bank is low and the panels were worthless today (snowy).23:57
BitweasilI want to try and get the HSUART online for output, because then I can bang out the debug messages at 3M baud and not clog my 115200 console with vmexit notices.23:58
BitweasilI can't display all the exits or things take an eternity.23:58
BitweasilSo I *think* I'm taking an exit, and just don't know which one.23:59
Bitweasil(being stuck in the hypervisor would explain why I wasn't seeing preemption timeouts)23:59

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