Monday, 2016-12-19

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* Bitweasil yawns and goes about enumerating a PCI bus.19:21
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* warthog9 offers Bitweasil tea19:27
BitweasilI really need a kettle in here.19:29
BitweasilTea would be nice right now.19:29
warthog9I've got some lovely ones19:30
BitweasilIf I could find a direct DC kettle, that would be the best - pull straight off my pack.  But I'll probably just get a 110V unit.19:31
BitweasilI don't have a 240V inverter.19:31
Bitweasil(and, also, wouldn't really want to ask 3kW out of my pack when cold)19:31
warthog9Bitweasil: that's likely the best kettle I know of for a 110v outlet19:32
BitweasilAlso, digging through the EFI code, I learned that legacy IO space apparently is given a memory mapped location on some systems.19:33
BitweasilInteresting, thanks!  I've got an Amazon gift card credit I might use for that after I see what on my wish list shows up for Christmas.19:33
BitweasilSo, for an ACPI device vs a PCI device, it seems that ACPI offers much the same thing as the PCI configuration space: "Here's the memory range you beat on to talk to this device."  Is that a sane statement?19:35
warthog9few decent places I order tea from too, New Mexico Tea Co out of Albuquerque, NM and Capital Tea out of Denver, CO are both solid places19:35
warthog9Bitweasil: sounds right to me19:35
BitweasilNice.  I find myself in Albuquerque on occasion.19:35
warthog9Bitweasil: I'll be slightly jealous, I only make it out to ABQ ~ once a year19:35
BitweasilI used to live there.  Beautiful place.19:36
BitweasilDo you drop into the Rio Rancho plant when you're out there?19:37
warthog9I've been up once or twice19:37
warthog9didn't this last time19:37
warthog9I'll be back out ABQ way end of August19:37
warthog9go down for the MMF19:37
BitweasilIsn't that around Balloon Fiesta?19:38
BitweasilMMF?  Unfamiliar.19:38
warthog9Mini Maker Faire19:38
BitweasilAh, that's in Albuquerque?  Neat!19:38
warthog9yeah, they do it up at the balloon museum19:38
BitweasilNice, they've got some good spaces up there.19:38
warthog9yeah, takes over the entire museum at this point19:39
BitweasilVery cool.  I don't "make" that much, though I'm working on learning PCB design and have spun at least one of my own Arduino shields.19:39
Bitweasil(rev 0.1, needed some fixups to work properly - I didn't put in explicit pullup resistors, and the Arduino I2C pullups aren't strong enough)19:39
warthog9I'd argue that makes you a maker ;-)\19:40
BitweasilEh.  Banging out some of my own low-SRAM-use Arduino libraries because nobody in that world understands the concept of embedded programming.19:41
warthog9(brb snagging lunch)19:41
BitweasilI kind of assume that unless I'm walking up to the museum in my own mech, it doesn't count.19:41
warthog9Bitweasil: meh, lots of people think that way and it's not true ;-)20:18
BitweasilEh.  I don't do anything terribly interesting in the small electronics space.  Current project is rewriting enough libraries for low memory use that I can fit a lot of stuff on an Uno for lawn moisture sensing/compost temperature sensing/etc, then probably integrating everything onto a single board.20:20
BitweasilSolar charged/etc.20:20
BitweasilIt's... not particularly interesting, really.20:20
BitweasilJust a set of challenges for me, and useful.20:20
BitweasilAn excuse to learn some useful stuff and blog about it.20:21
BitweasilBut it's not really maker-is.20:21
BitweasilIt's neither steampunk nor whimsical. :p20:21
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Bitweasillol @ osdev.20:32
BitweasilRecursive PCI scan with bus configuration:20:33
Bitweasil"Writing code to support this without a deep understanding of PCI specifications is not recommended; and if you have a deep understanding of PCI specifications you have no need for pseudo code.  For this reason there will be no example code for this method here."20:33
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BitweasilWhat's the spec write cycle count on the Minnowboard SPI?  Hopefully some large number, right? :)23:30
Bitweasiloh.  FFS.23:48
BitweasilWhen trying to read the PCI bus, it helps to write to the config port and read from the data port, instead of assigning the address you *were* going to write to the config port to the data returned.23:49
BitweasilThat, uh, explains the nonsense I'm getting back.23:49
BitweasilConfig space addresses make really weird BARs.23:50

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