Wednesday, 2016-12-21

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BitweasilI'm banging bits onto the UART and nothing is coming out. :(17:43
* Bitweasil goes to grab his scope17:43
BitweasilWell, the port thinks it's banging bits out.18:07
BitweasilDo I have to do anything with the muxed GPIO pins?18:07
BitweasilWell, scope says, nothing coming out the pins. If I dump stuff to them in Linux, I see it.  Hrm.18:38
* Bitweasil wonders what he has set up wrong.18:38
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Bitweasilwarthog9, typo in Table 277 or thereabouts: Sclock Frequencies from M/N settings.  M value, 228/0x120 - should be 2/8/8 - not 228.  0x120 is the correct value, decimal value is wrong.19:03
BitweasilNot that this fixes my issue yet. :)19:03
BitweasilThe trick:19:35
BitweasilYou have to write the new clock values to PRV_CLOCK_PARAMS as just the values, /then/ or in bits 0 and 31, and write the new value.19:36
BitweasilIf you try to write everything at once it doesn't actually update the clock - it updates the register, but it hasn't sucked the new values in and actually updated the M/N divider.19:36
Bitweasil... thank you Linux kernel source for that, though I was getting to the clock anyway based on the output from my little scope.19:37
BitweasilDSO138.  useful enough. :)19:37
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zentrumBitweasil: yes, a lot of quirks are needed to make it work20:54
zentrumBitweasil: freebsd guys also did a great job:
zentrumBitweasil: you find the corresponding ticket here as well:
yoctiBug 194952: was not found.20:56
Bitweasilzentrum, thanks.  Useful.  I'm not doing anything fancy, just took me a bit to work out how to set the clock divider. :)21:03
zentrumthey did as well ;)21:09
zentrumand i dont know how the find out all the quirks :D21:10
Bitweasil*nods* Play, I think.21:11
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BitweasilNice.  Ok.  I think I've got it figured out (how to add characters if the FIFO is not full).21:43
BitweasilNow, if I could figure out how to set the FIFO depth to 64...21:44
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BitweasilAww yeah!  Just pushed data out of HSUART#0 at 3000000 baud (max my FTDI gizmo will handle).23:55
BitweasilNow I need to get CTS/RTS working... I drop data if the FTDI is run into a VM.23:55
* Bitweasil calls it quits for the night.23:55

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