Wednesday, 2017-01-04

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warthog9Bitweasil: I'm reasonably sure (without diggin through things) the S5 gpios route through to the sus block04:33
warthog9Bitweasil: core vs. sus is roughly core come off the main chunk of the soc, the sus come off another block bolted onto the main core of the soc04:34
warthog9since there's 3 gpio providers in the SoC04:34
warthog9(at least the E38xx series)04:34
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BitweasilOk, thanks.  So no particular significance to the name, just different names for different blocks.14:28
BitweasilWHY is ACPI still using legacy IO ports? :p15:17
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BitweasilOk, I can get my IO pins to start firing SMIs.  Now to get them to stop firing SMIs...18:01
BitweasilKinda sorta don't have a handler for that in the SMI handler, so it may be upset with me.18:02
BitweasilOh, wait, no, I'd just messed something else up. :)18:06
BitweasilNo, wait... ok, what on earth is S5_0 configured to do on the Minnowboard?18:07
BitweasilIt's routed to an SCI somehow.18:07
BitweasilI can still set off an endless stream of SMM entries on other pins.18:07
* Bitweasil goes to fiddle more.18:07
BitweasilI should probably detect those and not route them to the existing SMM handler... it doesn't seem to like them. :)18:08
BitweasilOk, I'll stop harassing pin 0...18:11
* Bitweasil goes to plow the driveway while it's not snowing actively.18:11
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BitweasilInteresting.  If the SMI handler doesn't know what happened, it doesn't set end of SMI bit.21:27
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BitweasilAll right.22:24
BitweasilGot it worked out.22:24
BitweasilY'all have a crappy manual for some of this stuff.22:24
BitweasilNOWHERE does it say, you clear the ALT_GPIO_SMI upper status bits by writing back to them.22:24
Bitweasil"These bits are sticky" is about as much clue as one gets.22:25
Bitweasil... and I've messed with enough Intel stuff to have a good idea that if writing 0s doesn't clear status bits, try writing 1s.22:25
BitweasilSeriously, the upper and lower half of that register behave differently.22:25
BitweasilI can't decide if knowing how Intel does stuff at this level is useful, or a mark of madness.22:25
BitweasilI can drive a stream of SMIs off the PWM output.22:26
BitweasilNow to clean up the code and make some *actual* paths instead of hacks...22:26
BitweasilI think I'll go with "Mark of Madness."22:28
Bitweasilm'kay.  Guess you don't need to set end of SMI there, just clear the proper status bits.22:57
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