Thursday, 2017-01-26

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ecdheIs there a market for used minnows?  Not seeing any on eBay.21:22
bluelightningI'd be surprised if noone wanted to buy them... they were in short supply at one point21:23
bluelightningminnowboard max/turbot would be significantly easier to sell than the minnowboard 1 I would imagine21:24
ecdheI guess I have a couple original minnows... I could go either way: sell them and buy something else, or buy another one so I can build two of something.21:58
ecdheOf course the MAX is nicer looking... and there's the issue of lure availability for electronic connectivity.  But you can always toss them in a 1U case and let them serve NTP to your network.22:00
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warthog9ecdhe: I doubt there's a market for v1s23:53
warthog9v2s (MAX/Turbot): maybe23:53

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