Thursday, 2017-02-09

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BitweasilStill loving this goofy little board. :)23:26
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jberkusanyone have experience trying to netboot minnowboards?23:41
jberkusesp. netbooting minnowboards which regularly get disconnected from power?23:41
BitweasilCan't say I've tried, but what sort of power disconnects are you talking about?  They run fine off a USB battery pack and a USB-to-5.5mm converter soldered up.23:45
jberkusBitweasil: disconnecting them and packing them in a suitcase23:49
BitweasilI mean, at some point, the EFI code is almost entirely available, so if it's misbehaving, fix it.23:49
BitweasilNot just transient glitches.23:49

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