Tuesday, 2017-02-14

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pfadwarthog9! awesome work10:54
pfadi'm running arch vanilla on a turbot and really enjoying it. it's extremely stable with the linux-lts10:54
pfadHave you been testing the quad core?10:55
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* reanguia1o looks into EGL graphics initialization on the minnowboard 16:30
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jberkusBitweasil: so confirmed that EFI Netboot is option 3 on the default boot menu, not option #116:46
jberkusand since the minnowboard doesn't have a CMOS battery, it doesn't save changes to the boot order if you unplug it16:46
jberkusthis seems like a design flaw in the minnowboard.  netboot should be option 116:47
BitweasilHuh?  You don't have the CMOS battery socket populated?16:47
BitweasilI've got a Turbot and it has that holder.16:47
BitweasilBut if you don't want to do that, you can change the ordering in the EFI environment and flash a new BIOS image on to set it as the #1 option.16:48
jberkuswait, there's a socket?16:50
* jberkus looks16:50
BitweasilBetween the ethernet port and the power in port, there should be a place for a CMOS battery.16:50
BitweasilIf you have the Minnowboard Max, it's silkscreened wrong and not populated.16:51
BitweasilIf you have the Turbot, it should be present and you can just toss a battery in.16:51
jberkusyeah, these are turbots16:51
jberkuswell, damn16:51
BitweasilThen what's next to your ethernet port?16:52
BitweasilCR1225 should fit.16:52
jberkusBitweasil: that upright slot is the battery socket, presumably?16:54
jberkusok, that's going to be easier than building new bios16:55
jberkusat least, for me16:55
BitweasilI agree.  It'll keep your realtime clock running too.16:55
jberkusyah, I've been correcting for that in SW16:55
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iZhukhello, MinnowBoard Turbot good pay in the 17th year?17:10
iZhukthey still live?17:10
iZhukit's worth it? to buy it17:12
BitweasilWhat do you want to do with it?17:13
BitweasilIt's a bit pricey for a generic x86 computer of those specs, but it's a great little development platform if you're doing EFI work or such.17:13
iZhukboard itself good?17:17
BitweasilI'm quite happy with mine, but I do weird stuff in the EFI level, so having things like the SPI pins brought out is insanely important to me.17:18
BitweasilWhat do you want to /do/ with it?17:18
BitweasilThat's vague as hell and entirely unuseful.  It's not a very powerful board, and unless you value the GPIO pins and such brought out, you'd likely be better off with something different.  Think of it as an Atom e3800 development board.17:21
iZhukas well as the PC does not slow down?17:23
BitweasilI have no idea what you're asking at this point.17:24
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iZhukGPU free?17:25
iZhukfull open-source? :)17:25
BitweasilNo idea.  I only talk to mine over serial.17:26
iZhukand for a long time you have this pc?17:28
BitweasilNo.  I've had it for a few months as a development board.17:28
BitweasilIf you want a generic PC, this is not the way to go.17:28
BitweasilIf you want a development board, or something with usable GPIO pins brought out, this is a nice board.17:28
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enuneshi, any clue whether resuming from hibernate works on linux with the minnowboard? suspend works fine, hibernate works only with the 'reboot' mode, but on 'platform' mode hangs and never resumes. I wonder if there is any known firmware issue? running latest firmware MNW2MAX1.X64.0094.R01.161205223918:05
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BitweasilNo idea, haven't tried it.  Windows, I assume?18:08
enuneslinux. latest fedora, tried kernel up to 4.10.0-0.rc818:09
BitweasilAh,  I have usually terminate execution by crashing the kernel, not hibernating. :)18:10
enunesbasically all tests on https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt point to no driver issue at all, as they all pass. the remaining possibility seems to be a firmware interaction issue. so I wonder if the minnowboard firmware should support it, or it is expected that it shouldn't work18:12
BitweasilI assume it should.  Maybe warthog9 knows a bit more about it.  It's not an area I've messed with.18:13
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jberkusBitweasil: to be fair, if you want an intel PC in a form factor of 3:x5"x1", it's as good as things gete18:27
BitweasilThat's a pretty weird set of requirements. :p18:31
BitweasilI mean, yeah, you have a suitcase full of them, apparently.  Not sure what the reason is vs carrying a laptop with a bunch of VMs, really.18:32
BitweasilThe Atoms are not powerful chips.18:32
jberkusBitweasil: I need to bring a 4-node cluster with me which will fit in an airline carry-on with room for clothes18:35
BitweasilSure, but why does it need to be physical boards vs just a VM cluster?18:35
jberkusI looked at using NUCs, but once you include the power supplies, they take up 3X as much space18:35
jberkusBitweasil: because VMs don't demo as well18:35
jberkusespecially if I'm going to demo failover by pulling a power cord18:35
BitweasilValid enough.18:35
jberkusBitweasil: I've taken this to several conferences.  The lure of blinking lights on a micro-rack of builder boards can't be underestimated18:36
BitweasilYeah, that makes sense.18:38
BitweasilIt is pretty much geek-crack.18:38
Bitweasil"ooooh!  Cute!  Exposed PCB!"18:38
jberkusthe problem with clusters of VMs is that it looks fake18:39
jberkuscould be a video (and often is)18:39
jberkusmind you, sometimes I fake the minnowboards18:40
jberkuswhen I've had issues with them, I'll run a cluster in AWS and pretend it's on the boards18:40
jberkusstill works18:40
Bitweasil*nods* You have weird requirements, though.18:41
Bitweasil"Small, geek-crack, blinkenlights."18:42
jberkusheh.  I'll add that to our microcluster spec18:43
jberkusI work for Red Hat, we actually have 5 or 6 of these microclusters floating around18:43
jberkusthe make for great conferenceware18:43
BitweasilDo you use cases or just rack the boards?18:43
jberkuslast DockerCon I auctioned one off, which completely took over the show floor18:44
BitweasilCluster or board?18:44
jberkuswell, just a board in a case18:44
jberkuswith storage18:44
jberkusso it's kind of a custom case18:44
BitweasilCool. :)18:45
jberkuswe have a contest goign in the Czech office for someone to design a better case.  My CAD skills suck18:45
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cbrakeis there any way to rotate a Linux framebuffer display in the minnowboard max?22:06
cbrakeI see /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate, but have not been able to get it to do much yet22:08
BitweasilMan, all the graphics questions today. :/  Serial! :p22:22
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