Wednesday, 2017-02-15

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programmerqI still haven't gotten around to making my one-off custom lure that I meant to start quite a long time ago (over a year ago, IIRC)00:17
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Chlorophytuswhat up :)07:31
Chlorophytusgot a MAX running with uh 8 NiMH cells x307:31
Chlorophytusyep i did it, used a buck converter to downstep it all so that it's safe07:32
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iZhukMinnowboard Max open source UEFI ?07:36
Chlorophytusyep, uh, hm07:42
ChlorophytusMinnowboard Max uses open source UEFI except for Intel binary blobs :P07:43
iZhukand this fee is popular?07:47
Chlorophytusgah takes too long for NiMH cells to charge >_> also not sure07:48
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BitweasilChlorophytus, why on earth are you using NiMH in 2016 when lithium is easily available?16:13
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Rjmendez_Bitweasil:  Fire?19:45
BitweasilIf you're concerned about that, there are some safer lithium chemstries with lower energy density that don't tend to catch fire.19:47
BitweasilLiFePO4 and LTO being the two most stable.19:47
Chlorophytusmhm heard good things about LiFePO419:48
BitweasilEnergy density is poor for lithium, but it doesn't fail like lithium cobalt oxide.19:50
BitweasilNCA/NMC are pretty solid too.19:50
BitweasilBasically, lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) is the hellspawn chemistry that you want to avoid.19:51
BitweasilLiMn isn't bad either.19:51
Rjmendez_I've got a LiFePO4 pack that powers some lights on my bike, way safer in a crash. It was a direct replacement to a NiMH pack.19:55
BitweasilI've got an ebike with a LiFePO4 pack.  I let that all sit outside over the winter... should probably charge and test it.19:56
BitweasilOthers have LiCoO2 cells.  Hot stuff, just... scares me a bit to have that down there.19:56
BitweasilAnd LiMn is pretty common for some of the older packs.19:56
BitweasilIt self balances enough that you can avoid needing a proper balancer.19:56
Rjmendez_When I get the funds available I'm going to swap the LiPo packs with some LiFePO4 cells that are running my minnowboard in a backpack.20:04
Rjmendez_I'm afraid of fires from that.20:04
BitweasilLipo packs?  Yeah, those are frightening.20:05
Chlorophytusminnowpack portacloud...that's what i was thinking ;)20:05
BitweasilSo energy density probably matters.20:05
Rjmendez_Wardriving and some software defined radio gear in the bag and I used to get 8 hours from it, now its more like 4 to 6 depending on temp.20:05
BitweasilNCA 18650s are probably the way to go.20:05
BitweasilRjmendez_, yeah, they degrade quickly.  Great for flying stuff if you replace them regularly, but mostly crap for other stuff.20:06
Rjmendez_They have been used and abused for about two years.20:06
Rjmendez_That weight savings though...20:06
Bitweasil*shrug* Modern 3400mAh 18650s aren't that heavy, and are a whole lot safer.20:09
BitweasilThey're not hand built castoffs or whatever half the lipos out there are.20:09
Rjmendez_Wouldnt disagree, I just dont have the money for that right now. Saving up for a deposit on a house and owing money to the IRS this year for some 1099 contract work last year is the problem.20:12
Bitweasil*shrug*  Just keep the lipos out of the house and you'll be more or less fine.20:14
Rjmendez_They live in a .50 cal ammo can when charging. If they catch fire on my back I'm screwed.20:16
BitweasilAs long as you don't fall on them or something they're probably fine on your back.  I expect you'd notice the heat and flames in a hurry.20:17
BitweasilWhat sort of SDR snooping are you doing?20:17
Rjmendez_Smart meters and zwave20:17
BitweasilAlso, it'd be one hell of a pickup line.  "Hey, baby, you're so hot you caught my backpack on fire!"20:17
Bitweasil"... can you please put me out?"20:17
BitweasilAh, nice.  I assume, insecure and unencrypted nonsense that's everywhere?20:18
Rjmendez_In one case yes in the other its optional and often not used.20:18
Rjmendez_Just marking the presence of systems with GPS tags.20:19
BitweasilHave you seen the IoT Chain Reaction paper on the zwave bulbs?20:19
Bitweasil"How to pwn a city in a few trivial little bugs."20:19
Rjmendez_I'm also gathering wifi location data and more recently gathering WPA handshakes and cracking them offline for fun.20:19
Rjmendez_I heard about it.20:20
BitweasilOMGZ TEH EVIL HAX0RZ!20:20
Rjmendez_The EZ-wave guys had a fun demo where they exploded fluorescent tubes20:20
BitweasilOh, fun.  Haven't seen that one.20:20
Rjmendez_Looking for the talk video20:21
Rjmendez_ probably better elsewhere.20:23
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