Friday, 2017-02-17

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fritzXHi All.  I just bought a Minnowboard Turbot.  Connected HDMI, a keyboard, and applied 5v 2.1a to it for power, and the power light comes on.  Then D2 just flashes.  Its like a pulse of light, and then its off for around a second, and then another flash.  Thinking that it might be the keyboard or something pulling to much power, I tried without the keyboard and monitor hooked up and get the same.  Any thoughts?17:09
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Rjmendez_fritzX: Try more amps?18:52
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ChlorophytusRjmendez_: that's what i was thinking but i was hesitant to suggest19:02
Chlorophytusthough the E3826 draws more power than the E382519:02
Rjmendez_When testing mine on bootup I saw current draw up to 1.5A. My measurements were probably not accurate on shorter timescales though.19:08
Rjmendez_It might spike over that and cause his voltage to sag.19:09
fritzX5v 3a got it to work.19:14
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plugwashswitched mode converters can require a fair bit of current to start up beyond what they need during normal operation.22:19
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