Thursday, 2017-02-23

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Banny_Hi guys13:34
Banny_I just purchased a Minnowboard Turbot for my university project13:34
Banny_I need to install Windows 10 on it.. Apparently it's not possible to install Windows 10 on a sd-card..?13:34
Banny_Is that true? Is there a workaround? The wikipedia page is a bit conflicted about that13:35
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BitweasilBanny_, it is entirely possible.17:16
BitweasilYou'll need to go into the BIOS settings and change the SD card to non-removable, though.17:16
BitweasilThe tutorial on is wrong for the current BIOS revisions.  It may have been correct quite a few revisions ago.17:18
BitweasilIt's somewhere in the southbridge, though.17:18
BitweasilI don't recall the exact path to the config option for it, dig around.17:18
BitweasilProbably LPSS/SPSS config.17:18
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BitweasilYeah, it's in LPSS & SCC Configuration17:20
Bitweasil"ACPI Reporting MMC/SD Media As"17:21
Chlorophytusso i'm p much the only guy with a MinnowBoard Max rn17:21
Chlorophytuson here. idk. oh. sorry sorta buzzed17:21
BitweasilHuh?  I mean, technically mine is a Turbot, but I've got one right in front of me I'm actively working on.17:22
jberkusBitweasil: CMOS battery slot +++17:38
jberkusBitweasil: thanks for that again, I can now netboot those cards17:38
Bitweasiljberkus, awesome, glad you figured it out.17:39
jberkusI just never realized that was there because I was looking at the original Max docs17:40
BitweasilYeah, the Turbot is what the Max should have been.17:40
BitweasilThey just fixed the omissions.17:40
jberkusso is the minnowboard going anywhere?  the third version is 6 months overdue, and Netgate doesn't seem to think that it's coming any time soon17:42
jberkuswait, no!  they've added an ETA17:43
tbrwell, I certainly wouldn't expect much movement on the intel side. They chopped or pushed pretty much everyone out.17:44
BitweasilIsn't that just the Turbot with a quad core?17:44
jberkusBitweasil: yeah, it is.  and a fan :-(17:44
jberkustbr: yeah, that's what I was wondering.  I mean, warthog9 is off to other things17:44
BitweasilIs he?  I hadn't seem him around for a while, but it was winter travel season.17:47
BitweasilI mean, it's really just an Atom e3800 breakout board, for all practical purposes.17:47
BitweasilIt doesn't serve a huge niche beyond firmware hackers.17:47
jberkusBitweasil: well, there aren't a lot of single-board computers which use Intel17:55
BitweasilYeah.  That should tell you a lot.18:00
BitweasilI'm using this specifically because I need something that is Intel with open source-ish firmware.18:00
BitweasilI don't use these for any of my random projects - I use a Pi for a quarter the cost.18:00
* Bitweasil can't figure out why reading serial isn'tw orking right.18:03
BitweasilLeads to rubbish.18:03
* Bitweasil tries a different adapter.18:03
Chlorophytusi hesitated to say this a while ago18:16
Chlorophytus"imo the x86 platform is horrendously complex and should be replaced, but once concrete is set you ain't really gonna move it :|"18:16
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BitweasilThat's quite fair.18:36
BitweasilI mean, working at the firmware level is basically being a wizard.  "Here's 5500 pages of document, have fun."18:37
Chlorophytus"Here's a bunch of primitive things you can do or else your soul will be bound to us. Good luck have fun."18:50
Chlorophytuseh i feel like i'm comparing the pro blade to the plastic knife,18:50
BitweasilYeah, basically.18:53
BitweasilI happen to be fairly well paid to know that kind of stuff. :)18:53
* Bitweasil is currently arguing with high baud rates and garbage sometimes showing up.19:08
jberkusBitweasil: yeah, and I use my stack of minnows for demos and testing19:13
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BitweasilRight, but you're a bit weird.19:17
BitweasilAnd benefit, oddly much, from raw circuit boards and Blinkenlight.19:17
Bitweasil(you should hang more LEDs off the GPIO pins)19:17
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jberkusBitweasil: yeah, I should19:44
jberkushaven't had time to look into it, I'd like to tie some to (for example) process activity19:44
BitweasilI know a guy who's pretty familiar with small electronics and the Minnowboards. ;)19:51
BitweasilYou've got Linux on them, so accessing the GPIO should be easy.19:51
BitweasilAnd you've got enough pins to drive a shift register or something.19:51
BitweasilUgh.  Fucking fake FTDI chips.21:26
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Banny_Bitweasil, thanks a lot I'll give it a go21:38
Bitweasil*scrolls back*21:43
BitweasilOh, Windows 10.  Ping me if you have problems, because I'm running Win10 on mine via an SD card.21:44
BitweasilAmong other OSes.21:44
BitweasilThe trick is setting the Sd as "non-removable" in the LPSS/SCC config section.21:44
programmerqI've had success installing windows 10 on an internal sata drive, and then popping that drive into a USB adapter. you could probably achieve something similar if you did a bit-for-bit copy to the sdcard, or put the sdcard into some sort of crazy sata adapter and then moved it. unnecessary? probably. Bitweasil's approach is probably all you need to really do.22:04
BitweasilI guess you /could/ do it that way. :p22:33
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