Tuesday, 2017-02-28

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Steve__Hi Everyone,17:36
Steve__I am trying to put together a minnowboard drone lure.  Does anyone know of a place I can buy an assembled one?  If not, is there any way I can get a parts list without going through every bit of the schematic?17:36
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BitweasilDrone lure?18:42
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ALicinioSteve__: i think the drone lure is not to sell, you could build it because pcb schematic are available19:11
Steve__Yes, I have seen that, I am trying to figure out the bill of materials so that I can order parts19:12
ALicinioLucas De Marchi did it, perhaps he's on IRC maybe he could sell to you one lure19:12
Steve__I imagine I will have to just look through the schematic and write down everything on there19:13
ALicinioi hope so :/19:15
ALiciniofor you19:15
Steve__Thanks for the help!19:18
stephanoSteve__: if you do end up creating a BOM, please post it on the wiki for others19:23
stephanoSteve__: I, for one, would be interested :)19:23
Steve__Sounds good19:23
Steve__Anyone have a picture of the underside of the lure?  I can only find top-down pictures19:24
stephanoSteve__: You may want to just contact Lucas. He probably has pictures, and may even have a BOM for you.19:30
Steve__I already did :)19:31
Chlorophytuswonder when apollo lake minnows will swim :P19:32
Chlorophytuseh already silvermont maxes are pretty gritty. though LPDDR4 would be cool. hm. does apollo even support LP?19:32
stephanoSteve__: Ah, good. I'll check around here and see if anyone has a drone lure, but he's probably your best bet.19:33
BitweasilThere was some discussion a few days ago about the likely end of the Minnowboard line.  I don't think they're very popular.19:33
Chlorophytusmh. eh. yea19:34
Chlorophytusapollo is prob just the SoC consumer line lemme check for generic goldmont19:35
Chlorophytusoh yea it is embedded...though...is it the industrial SKU19:36
* Chlorophytus shrugs19:36
Chlorophytusif anything i am just a tinkerer of sorts. an 18-year-old who knows silicon up to python/erlang/other high-level stuff down to HDL19:37
Steve__Yeah, it doesn't appear too popular.  Shame, I have use for usb 3.019:38
BitweasilChlorophytus, there's a /very/ strong demand for people who know low level C at this point, since basically no schools teach it anymore.19:39
BitweasilYou should be able to make a very nice career out of those skills.19:39
Bitweasil(though mostly the lower level side of them)19:39
Chlorophytusi have use for not-so-proprietary and not-so-foreign embedded compute :) heh. yea my programming style is pretty gritty. dive down, use what you got19:40
BitweasilMost people coming out of colleges can't write a bootloader and have no idea how a hypervisor actually works at the code/hardware level.  Knowing that stuff will be increasingly rare going forward.19:41
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Chlorophytusi haven't sold my i7-4578u mini just cause. i have use for 500+ GFLOPs OpenCL + AVX219:41
BitweasilHave you looked into the Phi boards or GPU for some of that stuff?19:42
Chlorophytushm does Phi embedded even...19:43
Chlorophytushaven't messed with C really except for arduinos, even then I'd prefer to dive down into the AVR assembly level. just C++14 since it has powerful capabilities. did a 16-bit division LUT because old SIMD limitations.19:52
Chlorophytusdivision LUT template metaprogramming constant expression functions. just compile-time lookup. ah. wait i think it's an 8-bit one.19:53
ChlorophytusSame LUT could easily be ported over to 16 or 32 bit but it'd be horrible to compile 32-bit lookup table templates. Hm...actually I have sorta messed with OpenCL C.19:56
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jberkusso I'm having the issue again that a 12a switching power supply doesn't seem to be enough to power 4 minnowboards20:59
jberkusthree, yes, four, no20:59
BitweasilChinese power supply?21:36
BitweasilI'd be surprised if it put out more than 6-8A before sagging.21:37
Bitweasil... I don't know how much power a Minnowboard uses, though.  Have you tested it?  I can put a tester on it quick if you need.21:37
Chlorophytuspeak =/= uh sustained21:37
Bitweasil50% Chinese Shit Derating usually works about right.21:37
Chlorophytushm approx. 3-4A21:37
BitweasilI've blown up a few 12V PSUs by believing their ratings.21:37
BitweasilI was thinking 2-3A.21:37
BitweasilLet me see if I can rig up an adapter and test it.21:38
BitweasilYeah, need to wire an adapter.  brb.21:45
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BitweasilWell, it pulls about 0.7A during boot.  My adapters sag too much for testing under load.21:55
Bitweasil(they're for smaller USB stuff, so not wired for power handling)21:57
jberkusBitweasil: yeah, well, 12A is the biggest I can get22:51
jberkusin an prefab power supply anyway22:51
jberkusBitweasil: with the lure and ssd it's supposed to be < 3A22:52
jberkusreally, < 2A22:53
BitweasilHuh?  A 20-30A 5V PSU is easy to find.23:02
BitweasilBuy one rated for 60A. :)23:02
jberkusBitweasil: links?  I really couldn't find anything23:08
jberkusBitweasil: unless you're talking about something like this?  https://www.amazon.com/AmpFlow-S-100-5-100W-Power-Supply/dp/B00EKTZNAE23:10
BitweasilYeah, something like that.23:58
BitweasilThat should source 10-15A mostly reliably.23:58
* Bitweasil wanders off for the evening.23:58
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