Wednesday, 2017-03-01

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jberkusBitweasil: unfortunately, the main reason I'm using the minnoboards to begin with is compactness00:36
jberkusa power supply like that would be bigger/heavier than the stack of minnowboards00:36
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chatter29hey guys02:13
chatter29allah is doing02:13
chatter29sun is not doing allah is doing02:13
chatter29to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger02:13
jberkuswarthog9: please kick chatter29 thanks02:21
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Chlorophytushello Bitweasil :)13:27
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BitweasilMorning, Chlorophytus.16:02
Bitweasiljberkus, what good is a stack of minnowboards you can't run? :)16:07
jberkusBitweasil: well, currently I'm running them with 3 on the 12A power supply, and one on a separate 3A power supply16:16
jberkusthat works fine16:16
jberkusBut the whole point of the microcluster is to have something I can fit in my carry-on16:17
BitweasilYeah.  Those PSUs I was talking about aren't that big.16:18
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ChlorophytusBitweasil: how are you?16:56
Chlorophytusgood :)16:58
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jberkusBitweasil:  I checked the stats of the ones on Amazon, 8" x 5" x 4" and 2lbs17:30
jberkusthat's not large on a desktop17:30
jberkusit's a brick in your carry-on luggage, though17:30
Bitweasil*shrug*  Ok.17:33
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