Thursday, 2017-03-02

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lostincakeI have a minnowboard turbot with serial console going over /dev/ttyS021:19
lostincakeis there any reason I couldn't send that serial console out on a UART on the LSE instead?21:19
BitweasilYou might be able to, but I don't believe it's easy.21:24
BitweasilThe console serial port is an old 0x3f8 IO based port.21:24
BitweasilThe high speed UARTs are memory mapped IO.21:24
BitweasilAnd are ACPI devices, by default.21:24
BitweasilSo they're a good bit harder to find and talk to.21:24
BitweasilThey're designed for DMA use, have FIFOs, etc.  Good fun hardware, but not nearly as easy to bang on as the legacy serial.21:56
BitweasilNow, if you want to talk to them, I can probably help you out, but that's firmware hacking.21:56
lostincakethat sounds scarier lol21:59
lostincakeI dunno if I have time to do that right now with this board :(21:59
BitweasilChlorophytus, I end up writing serial libraries every few years for debug output.  It'd be great if I could just carry them with me, but, you know, company property and all that.22:15
Chlorophytuseh IP debug is very very sensitive22:18
BitweasilI'm just talking about the basic "Bang bits out on the serial port" parts.22:21
BitweasilA basic printf/bit banger.22:21
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Chlorophytusshoulld goof around with my C fuzzy logic stuff22:32
BitweasilI've been hearing about fuzzy logic for decades now.  Beyond being in the same category as Graph Theory (a source of Com Sci PhD thesis), is it actually useful?22:37
Chlorophytusheh I just use it in AI arena games :d code-your-own-AI then compete online22:41
ChlorophytusI don't really know how to explain22:46
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BitweasilI get the general concept, just nothing I've messed with.22:48
BitweasilI tend to lurk in ring 0.22:48
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