Wednesday, 2017-03-15

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BitweasilI have learned more about serial ports in the past few weeks than I ever cared to.  Passing binary data?  Better turn off NL-CR and CR-NL mappings or it'll mess with your data.18:20
BitweasilThis is, of course, all on the Linux host side, not the code I wrote to directly bang on the FIFOs.18:20
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MBM_A2any available? I need some help with my MBM A221:20
MBM_A2I finally connected everything and it doesn't seem to see the usb keyboard21:20
ChlorophytusI got a MBM A221:21
Chlorophytuseh shoulda got the debug cable, that allows you to access the BIOS screen21:22
MBM_A2whats the best place to get one of those. I'm on a mac so will need a mac compatible one21:22
BitweasilMBM_A2, try a different keyboard?  A normal USB keyboard should work fine.21:23
BitweasilAnd the FTDI serial adapters are just fine on a Mac.21:23
MBM_A2I have tried 2. neither works.21:23
MBM_A2one is a dell and the other a verbatim21:24
BitweasilBizarre.  What's the EFI revision?21:24
BitweasilBut a serial cable should work fine.21:24
MBM_A2it takes me to the EFI Shell version screen 2.40 [1.0]21:24
MBM_A2current running mode 1.1.221:24
MBM_A2map: Cannot find required map name21:25
Chlorophytusyea what Bitweasil said about the 6wires... if from the US. can't get to the white-blue BIOS config screen21:25
MBM_A2yeah I'm trying to get to the bios screen so I can boot from sd and possibly upgrade the uefi21:26
MBM_A2I need to find if my uefi is the 64 bit and be able to boot from sd21:26
Chlorophytusstock is 64-bit21:26
ChlorophytusI think21:26
MBM_A2so frustrating the ftdi cable and trouble shooting is going to be out of my basic knowledge realm21:27
Chlorophytusmeh. doesn't macOS have a very dated version of GNU Screen on it?21:27
Chlorophytusthat'd work for the serial communication21:28
Chlorophytussadly my MBPr has a busted audio codec21:28
Chlorophytusso I don't use it anymore21:28
MBM_A2once I get the ftdi cable I'll probably come back here. the ftdi will allow me to access bios etc and be able to boot form sd and also fix my keyboard issues?21:29
Chlorophytuswhat keyboard do you have?21:29
MBM_A2currently a verbatim is plugged in. compatible with XP, 2000, and vista21:30
BitweasilUgh, /me pulls out the SPI flasher.21:30
MBM_A2ugg SPI flashing etc is above my capability too. last thing I want is JTAG knowledge in my head21:32
Chlorophytushm. weird. mh Bitweasil reminds me about the sad time my CMOS on the 6950 rig went haywire. tried the old reset trick. tried switching bioses. tried everything but it came down with brutal RAM removal then going on with punching in the OC settings and redoing everything.21:32
Chlorophytus\o/ OC presets. anyways, not really necessary to SPI(?) could just use EFI shell by the serial comm. i've done that. flash it by using the EFI update utility21:34
ChlorophytusBitweasil is more experienced, just throwing ideas to assist us 3.21:34
MBM_A2all I can say is both LED's lights are solid blue and my usb hub I have plugged in appears to be working. Verbatim keyboard does not work when directly plugged into 2.0 port or into the usb hub21:34
MBM_A2thank you I appreciate it.21:35
MBM_A2I'll probably go the ftdi route and come back once I get it in the mail.21:35
Chlorophytusabout the 6950 ordeal, was worried i fried that precious CPU or the RAM. *sigh* but it works now, just had to reflash BIOS.21:36
Chlorophytusmoney should grow on trees. that thing was an arm and a leg.21:37
MBM_A2urgh there just went 20 bux on an ftdi I didn't want to spend. Thank you everyone. See you in about a week. I'm sure I'll struggle with the ftdi cable and interface.21:40
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Chlorophytus:( poor user21:42
Bitweasil... no idea what that was all about.  Weird EFI build issues after I changed the stack size.21:44
BitweasilI think it's fixed now. :)21:44
BitweasilI have limited ability to help at basic functional levels at this point.21:47
BitweasilNow, you wanna compress RAM and shove it over a serial port? :D  I can help.21:48
Chlorophytustime to work on a C task scheduler lib using NPTL. also get a best-case triangle draw limit set down for minnowboard. might make a linux based DIY handheld for myself or something. don't really know how Gen7 Intel HD works but I can possibly just divide the polycount at 1080p60 limit by 4 and deal with that. sadly our plasma is 720p and i like it (unless someone keeps it on).21:49
BitweasilSounds fun. :)21:50
Chlorophytuseh. done affine transforms and other fun stuff in GLSL too.21:51
Chlorophytustoo bad i lost the shader21:53
Chlorophytusit's on iCloud somewhere21:53
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Chlorophytuslet me hit the AC someone messed with it21:55
Chlorophytus70-71F probs 70F it's too hot21:55
BitweasilI can't say I've done much with graphics.22:11
BitweasilGPUs, yes, but not graphics.22:11
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