Thursday, 2017-03-16

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ChlorophytusBitweasil: eh i've messed with Intel SoC GPUs (Intel HD/Iris and friends) mainly05:12
Chlorophytusbut this is the first time I've met an embedded GPU with such harsh limitations so I need a polygon count. (I've messed with a PII though, trying to get a software affine transformer working with SDL)05:14
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minnowpkiHello. So I got a minnow board and try to start it up. However, only LED D1 is lighting up. Anybody has any clues?17:25
ChlorophytusWhat are the specifications of the power supply?17:26
minnowpki5V at 4A17:27
minnowpkiDo I need an RTC battery on board for the board to start? If yes, what is the battery requirement?17:29
BitweasilYou've pressed the button?17:29
BitweasilNo, RTC battery is not needed, but it's a 1225 size.17:30
minnowpkiYes I've pressed the button17:31
Chlorophytusmight be wrong polarity on the PSU17:32
BitweasilI doubt that would light the LED.17:32
BitweasilHowever, a loose connection will cause issues.17:32
minnowpkiDon't know where a loose connection could be.17:36
BitweasilPower jack.17:36
BitweasilWiggle it and try again.17:36
BitweasilI've had some barrel plugs that just don't get along with the Minnowboard very well.17:36
minnowpkiNo help17:38
BitweasilWell, I'm out of ideas.  You have a Max or Turbot?17:39
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