Monday, 2017-03-20

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ChlorophytusHi ulf`17:32
* ulf` is looking for a wifi mPCIe card to use with the SilverJaw lure that is known to work under Linux 17:33
Chlorophytusoh dear17:33
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ulf`Chlorophytus: looks valid18:12
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OnBatteryHey guys! I need your help - I want my MinnowBoard Turbot to be mobile, so I need to choose the right battery for the task (hope for 3-5 hours of intensive work)... Can you help me? Thanks!!19:10
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BitweasilOnBattery, I believe the board pulls about 2A of 5V under load, so around 10W - you'd need 30-50Wh of battery and a 5V converter for that.  Should be pretty easy to do if you you're willing to build something youreself.20:03
OnBatteryBitweasil, I can try build it myself... do you have a good tutorial? But, if I decide to buy one - what should I buy? I found this battery: What do you say?20:09
BitweasilYou'll need a buck converter to drop it down.  A 3S pack will be around 11.1V nominal, 3Ah, 33.3Wh.  So, should work, but do you really want to carry one of those around?  They're evil battery packs.  Build something out of 18650s - much safer.20:11
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OnBatteryThe 18650s looks pretty good... I think I'll try the DIY way, so if I take this for example:
OnBatterywith Output: DC 4.2V, 650mAh, Is the voltage enough? but it seems that for 2A I need to connect 5 like this in a row?20:30
bluelightningthat's the specs for the charger rather than the batteries20:32
bluelightningbut FYI 6000 mAh for the batteries is extremely optimistic (one might say it's even fraudulent)20:34
BitweasilUh, there's no doubt.20:35
BitweasilAny 18650 claiming above about 3500-3600mAh is a lie.20:35
BitweasilPure and simple.20:35
Bitweasil3400-3500mAh is about as high as you'll see for an 18650.  That's the limit of the tech.20:36
BitweasilBeyond that, it's recycled shit out of China.20:36
BitweasilSo you have no idea what you're getting, but you're lucky to get 1000mAh out of 'em.20:36
BitweasilIf you're going to lie, may as well lie big, right?20:36
bluelightningyeah, it's amazing they get away with it... eBay really ought to remove ones like this, they are at least to blame for providing a platform on which most of these things are sold20:39
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BitweasilIt's the fucking vapers.  They'll buy any recycled garbage if it says a big number and is cheap.20:44
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BitweasilOnBattery, serious question: What are you doing that specifically needs a battery powered Minnowboard?  Most little netbooks and such would do the job a lot more conveniently.20:57
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OnBatteryI'm connecting a kinect to it... I use the minnow because I am working with windows. The battery will need to supply power to the kinect as well...21:02
Bitweasilk, why can't you do this with a laptop and a battery pack?21:03
BitweasilWhat you want to do is entirely doable, just a weird way of solving a problem when mobile computers with batteries are common already.21:03
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BitweasilBut a big 1S battery pack (18650s in parallel), a boost converter, and a voltmeter for tracking pack capacity would probably do fine.21:05
BitweasilJust apply the standard Chinese derating of 50% - if you need 2A, you'd better buy a 4A unit.21:05
OnBatterylaptop is more expensive, larger and heavier... and I need to build a few configurations like this, so I want to keep it as cheap and small as I can...21:08
BitweasilOk.  I mean, you can buy a tolerable little netbook for $200.21:09
BitweasilWhich is what you're going to pay for a Minnowboard and some battery gizmos.21:09
Bitweasilbut if you really need external power, that would push in favor of the Minnowboard.  I've never played with a Kinect.21:09
OnBatteryI will try to see if there is a netbook that meets my requirements... But I think the Minnowboard is the perfect solution for me, so I'll try to build a battery pack... Thanks a lot!!21:14
ChlorophytusHi Bitweasil :)22:24
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