Thursday, 2017-03-23

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Chlorophytusgot a new better buck booster08:09
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Rjmendez_Chlorophytus: I'm looking into those now, but just for ~12v to 5v. What have you found?12:06
ChlorophytusRjmendez_: i get my stuffs from All Electronics in Van Nuys :P Other go-to places for goodies I can say on PM.12:44
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ChlorophytusDon't get the 3A converter. That uses an XL6009 and the inductors crack easily. Get the 7A one.12:44
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Rjmendez_I found something on Amazon that needs testing, it's a 12-24v to 5v5a buck converter.12:46
Rjmendez_Was wondering what sort of trouble you ran into.12:46
Rjmendez_This was thrown together last night, disregard the 52amp mark, it's just 2 amp.12:49
Chlorophytusshould get one of those LiFePO4s12:49
ChlorophytusRight now I use NiMH batteries.12:49
Chlorophytusmy fault light is blinking hold on, might need to dial down a setting12:50
ChlorophytusYeah it has a funky undervoltage cutoff12:51
Rjmendez_Ive been using some lipo packs and one of them started to get puffy. I want to get rid of that explosion risk.12:52
ChlorophytusMy parents had to dispose of an Apple LiPo battery12:52
ChlorophytusYou know that, they like LiPos :p12:52
Rjmendez_Nasty things.12:53
ChlorophytusApple is meh. Used to like em.12:54
Chlorophytusand my NiMH batts have done a full discharge >_<12:54
Rjmendez_After seeing an RC plane burst into flames and come back to Earth like a meteor I gained some respect for the packs.12:55
ChlorophytusI need a rapid charger cause mine takes 8 hours x2 to charge my battery pack completely12:56
Rjmendez_Watthour rating on the pack?12:56
Chlorophytus1.2V 2600mAh x812:58
Chlorophytuswait on the LiPo?13:00
ChlorophytusApple turf...idk13:00
Chlorophytusbecause the NiMH pack is just a bunch of NiMH AAs, about 8 of em13:01
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Rjmendez_Yeah, I can't see that lasting super long.13:44
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