Friday, 2017-03-24

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Pierre1We use Li-ion battery packs here. I get 6 or 12 packs made by trustworthy companies, the come equiped with charge balancing and over charge / discharge protections. Then we connect the pack on an OpenUPS board for charge control and powerpath14:33
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enunesit seems that pressing F2 or Del to go to firmware setup during boot does not work when using the board headless over the serial console, after a while I found it even "documented" here
enunesthis is especially annoying to use the board headless, I wonder how hard it would be to fix that?16:38
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Bitweasilenunes, that depends entirely on how comfortable you are with EFI hacking. :)20:11
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enunesBitweasil: I don't have a good experience in attempting to build Tianocore, the build system is so complicated and apparently not very well documented20:17
enunesbut I could try that if the fix would be presumably not too complicated, I even have the programmer around for the Minnowboard20:18
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BitweasilHeh.  Yeah.  That's a good description.20:18
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