Monday, 2017-04-10

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jberkusthere seems to be no way to permanently change the boot order on the Turbot19:23
jberkuseven with a CMOS battery, it always moves the onboard OS to 1st place after a power-out19:24
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Bitweasiljberkus, I beg to differ!  You have the EFI firmware!21:12
Bitweasil... but, yeah, that should stick ideally.21:12
warthog9jberkus: are you using the right menu to change the order?21:12
warthog9there's the menu that changes it for the next boot21:12
warthog9and then there's the21:12
warthog9'permanent' order21:12
warthog9one, thingy21:12
* Bitweasil hasn't seen warthog9 in many days! WB!21:12
jberkushey warthog9 !  how you?21:12
warthog9keeping busy :-)21:12
jberkuswarthog9: yeah, I used the 2nd menu21:12
* Bitweasil just watched Lion King with his kid and has decided warthog9 is named Pumbaa.21:13
BitweasilAnd sings about "When he was a young warthog."21:13
warthog9Bitweasil: I've been warthog9 since before lion king, but I can say I got a lot of pumbas when it came out - was quite excellent21:13
jberkuswarthog9: what happens after a real power-out (cord pulled) is that the onboard Fedora jumps to the top of the list, and the USB key (presumably because it's been removed) jumps to the bottom21:13
warthog9usb keys are a mess :-/21:14
BitweasilOh, USB device?  Eeeh.21:14
jberkuswell, my real concern is to have netboot in spot #121:14
warthog9technically, according to spec, usb keys get 100% re-evaluated every time they get plugged in21:14
jberkusbut it keeps getting pushed down to #2 after power-out21:14
warthog9it's a stupid thing in the spec :-/21:14
warthog9and most 'real' vendors go 'that's stupid' and don't do it that way ;-)21:14
warthog9(though my Asus board running my server in the basement does, it's quite obnoxious)21:15
warthog9(particularly since I've been changing filesystems on it and having to do things to it a lot lately)21:15
warthog9jberkus: I don't know if I have a good answer for you on that one :-/21:15
BitweasilRecompile the firmware! :D21:16
warthog9well, there is *THAT* option21:16
jberkusyeah.  I'm less concerned about the USB key because I have to use a keyboard anyway if I'm booting from USB21:16
warthog9but that's like saying 'you can't turn left, so you should just build a new engine'21:16
jberkusbut I was hopign to use Foreman, which requires netboot to be #121:16
Bitweasil... and?  If you can't turn left, you just need more engine torque.21:16
BitweasilSufficient torque will overwhelm the tires.21:17
BitweasilSo, a supercharged V8 or four should solve the problem, assuming correct rotational direction.21:17
warthog9Bitweasil: ahhh I see you perscribe to the 'turn my car into a tank' method of solving the problem ;-)21:17
* Bitweasil was watching Fury Road again.21:17
warthog9that movie is full of awesome21:17
BitweasilDid you see the Black & Chrome version came out?21:18
warthog9should I be going and drooling over that?21:18
BitweasilNot as epic as hoped, but a black and white version, remastered for proper impact.21:18
BitweasilI was hoping that the "black and white, nothing but the musical score" would have come out.21:19
warthog9ohhhhhhh *THAT* would be glorious21:19
BitweasilSadly, it's black and white, but with the normal soundtrack.21:19
BitweasilI am /so/ fucking excited that Hollywood has gone back to more practical stunts, though.21:19
warthog9it *COULD* be as awesome as repo! the genetic opera21:19
* jberkus wants the full-length version of Yakkity Max21:20
warthog9but no :-(21:20
BitweasilFury Road was 90% practical, the new Star Wars was heavily as practical...21:20
warthog9repo is awesome if you haven't seen it btw21:20
BitweasilI had not seen Yakkity Max before.  That's awesome.21:21
BitweasilAnd repo?21:21
warthog9Bitweasil: ohhhh you haven't heard of repo?!21:21
BitweasilHuh.  Will have to consider that.21:22
warthog9Anthony Head is amazing in that movie21:23
warthog9and he can *SING*21:23
warthog9keeping in mind I *DO* have a taste for 'bad' movies21:24
warthog9so you always gotta take my recommendations with a view that I like things like Bubbahotep21:24
warthog9and Thunderpants21:24
Bitweasil... this looks /terrible/.21:26
bluelightningBubba Ho Tep was awesome22:04
bluelightningBruce Campbell is a legend :)22:04
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