Monday, 2017-04-17

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zentrum_are any cases for the turbot dual-e already available?10:41
tbris the thing itself even available?10:55
zentrum_tbr: i dont have it, but is listed at mousers11:12
zentrum_tbr: oh, you are right:
zentrum_its listed but seems to be not available ATM11:13
tbryah, lead time 26 weeks. aka "we have no f'in clue"11:14
tbrseems more of a turdbot :-/11:14
zentrum_tbr: yes11:16
zentrum_sorry :(11:16
zentrum_i thought its already deliverable as its orderable11:16
jbitis the normal turbot getting a quad version? the ADI site says there's a quad version, but i don't see it listed anywhere else11:32
zentrum_jbit: according to mouser quad and dual core should be delivered?11:49
zentrum_the communications department from ADI seems a typical US american one11:50
zentrum_announce big and early and sometimes deliver, sometimes not...11:50
zentrum_i mean, if they state clearly its not interesting for us from a commercial POV, everyone can deal with it?11:51
jbit i only see this guy on mouser11:52
jbitzentrum_: i assume for boards like this they just do production scale runs when it fits in with their schedule, unless somebody steps up to order 1,000 of them or something11:53
zentrum_jbit: but then, please do not speak about it before its done11:54
* jbit nods11:54
zentrum_jbit: the best thing is still: AvailabilityQ3 2016 - Contact us for details11:57
zentrum_so, they do not even take care of their webpage for turbot dual-e,11:58
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