Monday, 2017-05-08

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lostincake_I've moved an SSD from one minnowboard ot another and it picks up the SSD drive but the UEFI shell shows up14:38
lostincake_can I now make it boot from FS0: by default?14:38
tbryou should be able to save the preset from within the OS or by going into the firmware14:41
tbrIIRC firmware from UEFI shell is by typing 'exit'14:41
lostincake_can I do anything from the shell that shows the the mapping table?14:41
lostincake_ -- this is what I'm seeing and FS0 is what I want it to try and boot into14:42
tbrtype "exit"14:43
lostincake_that puts me in the BIOS setup. just select something as the first boot device?14:47
Bitweasillostincake_, 'map -u' should show the mapping table.14:48
BitweasilActually, that updates it.  'map' should show it.14:48
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lostincake_so this minnow was previously running an image based on ubuntu 14.0415:01
lostincake_now the image is based on 16.0415:01
lostincake_map -u does something but rebooting makes it go back to the same uefi shell15:02
BitweasilThere's a way to set the default boot device but I have no idea what it is - sorry.  I just boot mine manually from the shell before doing horrible, horrible things to it. :)15:02
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lostincake_tbr: do you have any experience with this scenario?15:08
lostincake_I guess something is different between UEFI on 16.04 and 14.04?15:08
tbrlostincake_: you can do this from within ubuntu15:08
tbr"efibootmgr" being the keyword IIRC15:09
lostincake_I'm currently not able to get into ubuntu15:09
Bitweasil^^ Should get you in.15:10
lostincake_the boot order in the BIOS setup screens shows ubuntu at the top like it should but not booting into it15:10
lostincake_ah k15:10
lostincake_ -- I see that here as well, thanks, lemme try that15:10
tbrthe firmware also allows to set this iirc15:11
lostincake_ok cool, I can boot into ubuntu now, I guess I should try to fix the efi boot with efitbootmgr?15:18
lostincake_so I dont hvae to keep running that efi\ubuntu\grubx64.efi file?15:18
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msvb-labAny advice on what I should do with a Minnowboard Turbo (brand new) which seems defective?15:26
BitweasilReturn it?  How is it misbehaving?15:27
msvb-labIt can boot and seems okay in many ways, but when updating UEFI to the newest firmware the 'copying' indicator is clearly flawed.15:27
msvb-labIt indicates (with hash characters) that the whole UEFI is updated in like a second with just a few bytes of copying.15:28
BitweasilWhat do you mean?  You should update the firmware from the command line, just a sequence of dots.15:28
BitweasilAnd takes about 30s.15:28
BitweasilI'm not sure you're using the right utility to flash it.15:28
lostincake_tbr: efibootmgr shows ubuntu at the top of the boot order like it should15:28
lostincake_I tried update-grub as well and it updated grub  ... but still comes back to that damn shell when I reboot15:28
msvb-labBitweasil: Oh, I think you're right. They are not hash characters but rather dots.15:28
msvb-labI flashed over twenty Minnowboards of the identical model so it was clear to me that the number of dots and time during flashing was way off on the defective board.15:29
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BitweasilAh.  Um.  Well, do you have an SPI Hook you can flash it directly with? :)15:29
tbrmaybe it has a different spi-eeprom?15:30
msvb-labWierdest yet, is that after the defective flashing finished the Minnow reports 'success' and even states the new UEFI version on the screen (after rebooting.)15:30
BitweasilMaybe it already had the new version?15:30
BitweasilI mean, if it says success and is reporting the new version, I'd think you have the new version.15:30
tbrI'd visually inspect and compare the SPI EEPROM15:30
BitweasilI don't know what happens if you try to flash the same version that's on there.  Not something I do regularly.  But, seriously, if it reports the new version and works, I don't understand what the problem is.15:31
msvb-labBitweasil: I was thinking of that, but might need some guidance. I have a flyswatter JTAG interface and cable. I can connect the Flyswatter's USB port to my computer and the Flyswatter's serial port to some connector on the Minnowboard right?15:32
msvb-labAnd then I just need to dump the EPROM from a healthy board to a local file stored on my computer, and write that file to the defective Minnow's EPROM using the reverse procedure right?15:32
BitweasilDoes the "defective" one boot and run properly?15:32
BitweasilI think you're looking for a problem where there is none.15:32
BitweasilIt may have just already had the updated firmware on it.15:33
BitweasilYou don't interface to the SPI over JTAG - you use an SPI interface.  I've got a SPI Hook.15:33
msvb-labBitweasil: It does boot and I think it runs properly. I'm pretty sure it's reporting a new UEFI and containing an old one though.15:33
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BitweasilI don't think EFI flashes work like that.  The chances of a partial flash booting are pretty slim.15:33
msvb-labI'm trying to avoid a situation in the future where a firmware upgrade is urgent and the Minnowboard in question fails to upgrade (like it's doing now.)15:34
BitweasilTry to flash the (debug, release) - whatever the opposite of what you have now is.15:34
BitweasilSee if it works.15:34
BitweasilBe aware that the debug one takes /forever/ to boot - it's dumping a ton over serial.15:34
BitweasilIf you can flash back and forth between them, it's fine.15:34
BitweasilHold on, let me see what behavior trying to flash what's already on the board is.15:35
msvb-labBitweasil: Yes I agree, but I can't explain how 4 dots and 2 second as opposed to 50 dots and 30 seconds on a different board with similar MAC address indicates a successful flash.15:35
msvb-labGood idea to try the debug firmware, since I've been flashing only release.15:35
msvb-labThat way I can time the boot and if it matches what's expected from a debug UEFI then I'll have to assume the board is okay.15:36
msvb-labBitweasil: I can already answer the question 'what happens if one flashes the same version of UEFI firmware on a board.'15:36
BitweasilI just tried flashing the same version of the firmware that was running on the board.15:37
BitweasilIt went through about 12 dots instead of the full sequence and said successful.15:37
BitweasilSo I think you just tried flashing the same thing you already had.15:37
msvb-labThe answer is, the upgrade goes along in the same way that the first upgrade did. It takes a minute or so, writes dozens of dots, prints 'success' and then reboots.15:37
BitweasilNope.  I literally just tried it.15:37
msvb-labOh, maybe I'm remembering the results of my test wrongly then.15:38
BitweasilI got 12 dots instead of 4 rows and it was radically quicker.15:38
msvb-labI really did try (and a few times accidentally) reflash the same version on a board and saw a ton of dots. Seemed to be the same output.15:38
BitweasilWell, maybe it changed with the newer firmware versions.15:38
BitweasilI'm running something faintly based off 0.93 and that's the behavior I just saw.15:38
msvb-labSo the 'defective' board that keepds reporting 'success' after upgrades of the same release version of UEFI firmware writes about 3-4 dots, pauses a few seconds, and then writes a few more before bailing out and reporting 'success.'15:39
BitweasilGo down your rabbit hole if you want, but I'm about 99% confident that it will be a waste of time and your board is perfectly fine, just shipped with a different firmware than your others, and happens to be what you tried to flash.15:39
msvb-labBitweasil: Does that sound right to you?15:39
BitweasilOk.  That's about what mine did, yes.15:39
BitweasilTry flashing the previous revision or the debug version or something if you want, but if you flash the debug version, don't panic when it takes a few minutes to bring the screen up.15:40
BitweasilThere is a /ton/ of serial output.15:40
msvb-labBitweasil: Okay, thanks. I'll close the rabbit hole then.15:41
msvb-labI might do one last test and reflash both a known working board as well as the suspicious board with the same firmware file many times and time the results.15:41
BitweasilWhatever.  It's your time.15:42
msvb-labBitweasil: If two boards with similar MACs vary wildly in flash times (and dots printed) using the same firmware file (and cables etcetera) what would be your conclusion?15:42
BitweasilDid you verify the firmware version on them before flashing?15:43
BitweasilFirmware updates are pretty well atomic.15:43
BitweasilThey either work, or the system doesn't POST until you reflash it externally.15:43
BitweasilDo whatever you want to verify it yourself.15:43
BitweasilI'm going to go back to doing productive things instead of discussing a non-issue.15:44
msvb-labBitweasil: Okay, no problem. Thank you in any case for the insight and ideas.15:44
msvb-labI'll go try them out and probably conclude there's no problem as you suspect.15:45
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