Friday, 2017-05-12

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black_anthi guys - I have Minnowboard with intel atom processor - this is not the Max or Turbot.13:55
black_antI am looking to install alpine linux on it - is this possible13:56
black_antThis is the one I've got ->
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tbrblack_ant: ah, the original minnow. it's a bit tricky, but you should be able to run a 32bit distro on it.15:39
black_anttbr: I will give it a try now15:39
tbrthe tricky bit is mostly UEFI in 32bit15:40
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black_antis not booting - do you know pointers on how I can get the UFI bit to kick the boot process?16:24
black_anta while I debootstrap Ubuntu 12 to boot off hardrive using this -> - but I don't know how I can apply this to work on SD for alpine - any pointers will be hugely appreciated16:29
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ahollerbuilding a 64bit kernel bootable by 32bit uefi is possible17:30
ahollermight be the easiest way. that's what I did17:31
ahollerif I remember correctly I had to enable 2 config-options17:34
aholleras bootloader I used rEFInd, also this wasn't a minnowboard but some other 32bit uefi-atom-foo17:38
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