Monday, 2017-05-29

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winterflawI've just bought an original v1 with a 32-bit processor14:47
winterflawthe board comes without a power supply14:47
winterflawI can see it's 5 volts, but how many amps?14:47
winterflawalso what is the socket size?16:26
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tbrwinterflaw: should answer a lot of your questions17:40
tbrI'd expect a 2A supply to be sufficient for basic operation. if you want to attach USB devices etc, better make it 317:46
winterflawthanks, tbr17:47
winterflawI looked at that page and many of the links prior to coming here :-)17:47
winterflawI got to the point I was reading the schematics hoping for some info and I thought - this is silly :-)17:48
tbrthe connector size is same as for BBB, MinnowMAX/Turbot etc, AFAIU17:48
winterflawI thought it might be17:48
winterflaw2.5 amps is recommended for the latest version of the board17:48
winterflawa big chunk of which is USB 317:49
winterflawas far as I can tell this is the *only* viable x86 (32-bit) dev board17:49
tbrIIRC you can flash the Max/Turbot with a 32bit UEFI17:50
tbr(depends on which part of 32bit you need)17:50
winterflawyeah but if you *really* want to know you're compiling on 32 bit hardware17:50
winterflawthen you've got to have a 32 bit processor17:50
tbra 32bit kernel would take care of that too17:51
winterflawstill a 64 bit CPU thought17:51
winterflawjust running 32 bit code17:51
winterflawI mean you can do it17:51
winterflawbut it's still one step away from the real thing17:51
winterflawand if you can get the real thing, why not?17:52
winterflawmy interest are the lock-free instructions in the processor18:02
winterflawit's not like I"m just interested in getting 32 bit18:02
winterflawthe implementation in the 32-bit processor I suspect is not necessarily something I can assume is wholly interchangable with a 64 bit processor18:03
winterflawit ought to be18:03
winterflawbut that's why I want to have real 32 bit hardware18:03
winterflawI have a 2 amp USB power port pack18:05
winterflawI think I can power the board from that18:05
winterflawI need the right cable18:05
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