Friday, 2017-06-02

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BigshooterHello, does anyone here create Minnowboard Lures?20:34
ulf`I know someone who does20:40
ulf`I don't think he's here20:40
BigshooterI would like to get in touch if you have any contact info20:47
ulf`I can do that the other way around20:48
ulf`Give me your email address and I'll ask him to reach out to you20:48
ulf`His nae is Chris20:48
Bigshooterthanks much!20:48
ulf`Bigshooter: what's your first name?20:49
ulf`I will just CC you on my email to him20:50
warthog9there's a few of us around who have done lures20:51
warthog9Chris is probably the person you should talk to though20:51
ulf`Bigshooter: too late - email sent :)20:51
ulf`warthog9: I sent Chris an email :)20:51
warthog9ulf`: fair enough :-)20:53
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