Monday, 2017-06-26

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minnownoobHi. I was comparing minnowboard turbot schematics to the actual board and I noticed that on the actual board that the U33 component (EEPROM for SPD) was not actually soldered onto my the board. Is that by accident or is there a reason for that?21:42
BitweasilThey probably just hardcoded the RAM timing values into the firmware or something.21:43
minnownoobI see21:44
minnownoobSo the schematic is probably not the latest revision?21:45
BitweasilI have no idea - I just play in the firmware area, not with the hardware too much.  I treat it as an Atom E3800 breakout board and am happy enough.21:46
BitweasilIs there something you needed the SPD chip for?21:46
minnownoobNot at all. I was just comparing the board to the schematic for fun. Noticed that and a few caps that are missing on the actual board.21:47
minnownoobWindered if it was manufacturing error or on purpose21:47
BitweasilI'd assume it's on purpose.  Pick and place machines are pretty reliable.21:47
minnownoobYeah, I thought so. Just seemed odd that a major component would not have been removed from the schematics21:48
minnownoobI guess it's not so major...21:48
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BitweasilThe SPD is normally just used to get DRAM timing data before you initialize the DRAM controller.21:50
BitweasilUnless you're being evil.21:50
BitweasilSo for something like this, with soldered-on DRAM, you can just hardcode the values in the firmware and be fine.21:50
minnownoobCool. Thanks.21:51
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